Dominance War V - 3D - Mesophras - God of Peace


>> Last Update <<

 Hey there!
   It's my seccond try on a Dominance War and I'm highly motivated to finish this time.
   As it's going to be the last DW, there might be even a chance for me to bear up. :&gt;
   I came along with the idea of a God of Peace ( that brought me to some questions...
   would a god of peace actually be able to fight? I hope he is. If not, he would be rather
   useless for our team. Just popping up when all work is done. :D ) But I don't want his
   aspect to be a kind of peace that comes after a glourious victory, rather peace that reigns
   after a horrible, interminable war, when there's no power left to proceed. When there is
   simply no warrior left alive to claim victory for his party.
   After the first sketches I came to something like this:
   I was then working on the shape a little more, so the current state is this:


…just to show you what I got so far:


Wings! Got to make them a little less ‘healthier’, maybe.


jeje… looks a little brittle to me for a god of peace… show battle scars like those holes in his belly, and the face looks… well no healthy.

But original as hell… and that make the design interesting to see with what came out. And yes… the feathers give some peace ambient.

What i dont understand is the fact of the faces in his pauldrons… just in case if you wanna explain that .

Good work without any doubt.



Yep, not sure about the god of “peace” either but a damn awesome concept with very interesting shapes. Some explanation would be cool.
As far as the models/sketches go: Proceed! I love it.


Thanks for your comments, guys! Really glad you like it.

Well, yeah, the concept. It’s not easy to explain it in a language one’s not really familliar with, but I’ll try. First, naming it God of Peace was in fact somewhat misleading. ‘God of Everlasting Peace’ would be more accurate… Perhaps I should describe it as a mixture between peace and death or ‘the peaceful aspect of death’? I mean, there’s probably nothing more harmless than …something dead. Maybe, it’s a bit ironic to call that peaceful… but exactly that was my idea. Peace that evolves from total destruction.

Btw, that skull originally was meant to be a pigeon skull, referring to the white dove as a symbol of peace. I’m afraid thats not very obvious anymore in the current concept…

@ Victor: I did the faces on his shoulders without thinking too much. But probably they’re faces of fallen warriors. ( Really got to make them look more peaceful! )


Du kannst es mir auch auf Deutsch erklären wenn du willst xD
But I think I already got your point, actually a very interesting concept! But don’t you think it’s more like a god of death? Not the big dark scary god of death but the one you would like to see when you die “I’m awaiting you my dear friend, I fought with my life and I can rest in peace now.”
Although I understand why you called him “God of Peace” I still think it’s just too misleading for people who would just take a look at your god without reading the concept behind him.

But the most important: I love the concept! The character and the story behind him is very cool.
btw, I love the skull idea, really creative but I have to admit that I needed the explanation to understand the purpose ^^

Wünsch dir viel Glück :slight_smile:


ow! great simple design that really packs a punch1 great work! looking forward to the finish!


Yo Mesophras,

now i understand your vision in this… and from that point of view the pauldrons have sense… indeed… is the peace after the agony, the time after purgatory, those faces there can easy be taken as the souls waiting to reach the final peace.

Good work man.


I’m glad you still like it - even now that you got my idea. ;>

@ Zykras: hehe - Freut mich, dass es auch so irgendwie verständlich war…
Maybe I’ll change the name, because you’re right, for someone who didn’t read the concept the name would seem to be quite …unfitting.

@ Victor: Yep, that’s exactly what I was thinking. I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

@DTRAN: Thanks man! I’m feeling honored. :]


Some progress just to show you I’m still alive - and working. :>


Very, very interresting design.


@ Velkin: Thanks for your comment!
A little kick in the ass is always welcome. :>

So, I’m nearly done with the basemesh. Going for more details now. Have. to. hurry.


Hello there!

I’m still in, with the additional seven days I definitely should be able to finish. Jep. In any case.

Here’s what I got so far, model with normal map applied & ambient occ map. It’s unbelievable
what immense amount of time you can waste by creating and tweaking normal maps.
That’s all quite new territory for me, usually I made the model and then the progress stopped
mysteriously… So, very much to learn now. Been working on the color map for the last few days -
and, suprisingly, it’s fun! …fun and hopefully finished soon.


Some color-w.i.p. :


Phew, actually done now. Presentation sheets will follow tomorrow, got to get some sleep now…


heheh… “…will follow tomorrow”… that was Tuesday, I guess.

Anyway - Hell Yeah! It’s done. Unbelievable.
Great Challenge, lots of great entries ( and no time for me to comment, it’s a shame.).
Congrats to everyone who finished, aaaand a big 'Hang in there!" to everyone who’s still struggling. :]


Hey man for what it’s worth this is my personal favorite concept in the whole comp.
I remember seeing this in the begining and thinking that this was so damn refreshing and original.

Don’t ever lose your style cause it’s better than most of the stuff out there in the realm of 3-d IMO. Details only count for so much, IMO it’s all about the big shapes and the sense of the whole… and you’ve nailed both congrats.

PS: I wish I had a poster of your concept for my wall.:slight_smile:


I agree, this entry has such a unique style to it, very nice work


Thanks, guys!
I really appreciate your kind words.

@KCassidy: To hear that stuff about shape and sense from
someone who did an entry like yours is even more flattering. :]

I just made a little 360° video, you can find it here: