Dominance War V - 3D - Mattess - Gods of machine


Well, seams like it’s time to be serious ! Here’s my thread, and it’s going to be a twins god of machine.


Last evolution : 



So, after some drawing research, the twin start to look like something, but it’s still complicate to guess what it’s going to look like at the end.
First of all, I choose 1 animal for each brother, Shark and Falcon ( and it was a good opportunity to learn how to draw animals ! )

I know they’re going to be some machinely god looking, so this is the research for both character.
Shark :

Falcon :

It was “easier” for the shark, so if you can help me to choose one style, my preference go for the 10, but still I have to made it into machine ^^.
And then I try to draw the twin in the same image, because :

  • 2 independent god it’s useless, they have to be kinda link
  • The purpose of the contest is 1 god, so I have to make the 2 look like 1 powerful entity

I also have to define the nature of those gods, maybe “Machine gods of nature” or “Machine gods of spirits”, really don’t know, but the mechanical/animal look make me think about this kind of name.
What I just know is that I want to make it look like video game character, like final boss for zelda or final fantasy.
So, I still have to continu my research, but some comment and critics from you can help me ^^.



Well, after few weeks of research for the general looking, I decide to do a simple machine good ^^ easier than twin god.
I start the low poly model, to get the posture and general style of the character.
Of course the body is not going to be made out of sphere, it’s just for the quick construction.
Detail in the 3D model will arrive soon.
The head :

The general body :

The body+booster+shield, more is coming soon :

I still have to fix some design for the weapon and other shield part.
Hope you enjoy watching it as I enjoy doing it.


Well, my research for the design was leading me nowhere, so I decide to change completly the body of the character.
I turn my knight looking god into a god of the slingshot ^^

Still a lot of work to come, and I have to fixe the design of the rest of the body.

hope you like it


New update, still try to build a good looking robot.
Now I start working in the generator and I change the detail inside the shoulder.

Lot of work to come, hope you enjoy it.


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