Dominance War V - 3D - matoH - GOD Of Highlands


God of the Highlands
He is not the oldest one, but old enough to remember the time before the technology started to f@#k up the world…worlds, or was it before the world started to f@#k up him self? He still didnt say his last words and he dont plan to do so…anytime soon. He is not a god for everyman he never wanted to be, just for few good people, living already close to the gates of paradise.


Hi everybody,
I see lot of good gods on this forums, I think it will be a nice challenge this year…


haha great idea !! slavic god :slight_smile:


Some update…The model has now about 8000 polys i will start to work on textures now an we will see where I need some more detailing…god luck to everyone!!


Just finished :slight_smile:



presentation shot



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