Dominance War V - 3D - [mad-one] - God Of Insects


Very cool character, especially the mask idea !


@Spazmortis: Thanks for the warm words and thank you! Same for you.

@blackneko: Appersiate it. :slight_smile:

@lepilo: Thank you.

Working a bit on podium now, will have some screens to show soon hopefully.


:buttrock: , nice concept, insects are always interesting!!, im impressed with the texture work here mate, the details on winggs and the overall resolution turned out great!!, must be an awesome uvs work :bowdown: :bowdown: , hey wich engine are u using for these images?. are u using color specular?..anyways is looking great , best of luck completing the entry :slight_smile: :arteest:


Sweet!! Simply awesome work, I´m really impressed with this concept. Fantastic! :thumbsup:


@rattlesnake: Thank you. It’s fun that you mention uv and overall texture resolution. I knew it was going to be a lot of surface to cover. But it turned out to be even more then expected. I very much wanted to push the functionality and fun aspects into this (such as opened chest and opened wings and shells). This does put a lot of pressure on uv.s and prioritisation. But I do love a challenge so ^^
Most of the time I let Marmoset stand for previewing.
I do use some color in specular map, mostly on hard shells covering the wings.

@Ferx: Bow, thank you kindly :slight_smile:

A friend asked me about if I will show legs for it or not and how it was connected. I thought it might be fun for you guys to see as well. So here is a pic. It’s not something that will actually be shown on final model ^^ but still.

Bigger Image

Now for podium. Hm, I am not sure if this is within the limits of what is acceptable. So I thought I fire it out there and see what you guys think. Just a fast mocap. Doing some skining/texturing for now. Would love to hear your opinion. I still haven’t got reply about the bugs question so I thought I show it here and hopefully get some clarity :slight_smile:


Small test. Closed chest, opened wings and tweaked podium some. Will be shells of bugs that form the flower beneath.


Hi guys, some more progress done. Still very WIP but yea, i hope you like.

Bigger Image


looking good! keep it up.


wow mate love the pedestal!!! is this cam angle the one youre usng for the final beauty shot?
hey probably u can add some glowing particles raising from the pedestal for the beauty shot :buttrock:

looking really sweet man! :wip:


@GnarART: Thanks, pushing as much as I can. Long, long days for me this last few weeks and very short nights :slight_smile:

@rattlesnake: Thank you. Sounds great :slight_smile: Will try to add some glowing particles if I will manage to get the time for it.
Glad you like it so far.

More work on pedestal and the pose. Parts are starting to fall into place now.

Bigger Image

Bigger Image


So nice,i like your insects~


@mare530: Thanks, I am glad you like them :slight_smile:

Tweaks time and polish time.

Bigger Image


That’s a very good design. There is something totally creepy about his mask; I guess because it is simple and emotionless.

The 3D is shaping up great too. I love the materials, especially the red cloth.

Nice work!


Fantastic work. great concept, modeling and texture.


Very cool concept and model, love the face mask idea and those small bugs details at the body… really cool.


man haven’t noticed the worms in there!!!, that’s so cool!!


Hey just dropping by to say nice job on those textures. Love the mask creepy and cool!


@Beneto: Thank you, I was working a lot on pushing functionality, shapes and materials with this one. I am very glad you like it :slight_smile:

@Jae-Keum: Appreciate it ^^

@KingstonZ: Glad you notice the little things!

@rattlesnake: :smiley: they are there all right and plenty off them! Cheers.

@KCassidy: Nice of you to drop by and thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I am currently doing some presentation shots for textures and skinning/posing a bit.


That’s fantastic. Great concept!


@ishkur13: Thanks! :slight_smile:

Some tests:

Bigger Image

Bigger Image