Dominance War V - 3D - [mad-one] - God Of Insects


Hi guys!

Working on lowres atm, it’s no picnic :slight_smile: I knew that it was gonna be hard with so much organic shapes but damn.
While I am working on a serious update there I thought I show some shots of worked through highres, hope you like.





This is amazingly creative…artists like you are very inspiring :slight_smile:


Wow This is amazing as an idea and the modeling, and texture are looking amazing. keep it up.


I can’t wait to develop the kind of experience that you possess, your character is looking pretty awesome!! :slight_smile:


@MissOptimist: Thank you very much, glad to be of help! :slight_smile:

@pedrOadan: Appreciate it! ^^

@pixel-chick: Thank you. I hope you will like the final… thing!

Hi guys!

Lowres is done. Still A LOT to do, but I wanted to show you some general guidelines of where I am taking this.




Super work. If is it all. I Think :hmm:



@xdmo: Thanks!

Started texturing.


Fantastic detail in this model, your work is great! These textures look good I’m eager to see how it looks once finished


@Brebal: Thanks ^^

Hello hello everyone!

Doing some texturing, sorted out wings with functional alphas. Moving on to more definition of things. Hope you like.

Bigger Image

Bigger Image

Bigger Image


LOVE those wings!


Well, it’s great. Only issue is thick border on it’s wings? Is that intentional? Because I’m not sure if real life insects has such kind of thick borders on their wings. Right decision from artistic point of view though, makes form of wing more obvious.


@pixel-chick: Thanks :slight_smile:

@Velkin: Thanks for your comment on that. Yea I have been thinking same thing, was trying some different things last night with that actually, will see what I will end upp with. Also working on pattern on fabric and fine tuning textures. Juggling things back and forth a bit to get some distance. It can be quite blinding to look at same thing for too long.


Snyggt Patrik! The texture is coming around nicely and the modell is looking great.

Are you planning to add some small swarms of flies or other insects that hover around your god? Just an idea if you got some polygons/UV space left to work with.


I like the idea of the bugs too (if space is available). I recall something being said about them being inside the chest.

All I know is this thing really gives me the creeps. Well done.


@seaberg: Tackar ^^ I do hope to have time to add some of that, was hoping to add several things of that nature.
A few flying bugs and hopefully some small hairs over the body that insects usually have plenty off.
But first I will have to fix all the main things that needs to be done. And there are plenty left still. Doing my best to manage finding time.

@TonyVirili: Appreciate it. Aye there are plenty of insects inside the chest and a few that are coming out. Will have some more on the pedestal hopefully. Was hoping to start with that tonight but I doubt I will manage. :slight_smile:

Worked more on wings, solved fabric patterns, added more details and some general love.

Bigger Image

Bigger Image

Bigger Image

Bigger Image


Bugs on the pedestal sound great, but they seem very strict about what can be included with the pedestal. I’d make sure to get official word that you can have them as part of the pedestal polygons and UV’s or keep them tied to the character. I’m not trying to be a pain. I realize they’re only little bugs that shouldn’t count for much, but I just don’t want to see you get dinged on a technicality after all this work. Good luck!


dude the materials are looking great. i think what u did with the colors and contrast in materials is what makes this so kickass


@TonyVirili: Thank you for your input! Sent email asking will see what they say.

@truedeja: Thanks! Not much time left now, (even with the extension) but hopefully all will come together in the end.

All this talk about flying insects… I had to do some experimentation :slight_smile: Not going to make them stand out much, sins I don’t want to drag away focus.

Bigger Image

Bigger Image

Bigger Image


I love this character, its such a great concept. good luck :slight_smile:


Great work! Wining design and model.