Dominance War V - 3D - [mad-one] - God Of Insects


Great progress so far, will keep an eye on this one :slight_smile:


dont worry about wips, are really enjoyable.

Clean and good work.!

EDIT: check the quantity of polys in those little things around the chest… is more dense than the others in the pauldrons.



Aye I will look over those polys lather on, once I got everything in more or less before going on to the highres end of it all. Still quite a few things I need to get in there :slight_smile:


Did a few tweaks and worked a bit on lower part.


Sweet, I dig the idea of the mask being a human face, pretty sweet.


Great concept



Rearanged the wings and the hard shell over them.


This is an amazing concept and model! I can’t wait to see the finished product :slight_smile:


This is the best one I’ve seen on this challenge yet. I am really looking forward to it’s completion… I’m going to have to step up my game…


Thanks a lot for the support! :slight_smile:

Very glad to hear you like where this is going.

More wips for you guys, hope you like them.

As you can see legs will be covered with wings/fabric in the end. Not sure if I will try to make them visible somehow.


Phew did quite a lot of work on preparing the mesh. Soon time for sculpting… can’t wait!
Going to tweak the twisted soft shapes in the back of the head or they will kill my lowpoly model eventually :slight_smile: and reducing polys on those will show instantly I recon. Also will rework the wings that hold the lower part into cocoon, gonna try to make it work with transparency and make the fabric behind a bit more interesting. Love the experimentation part, very exited.


always love your design,i think if you dont smooth ,and just keep original wireframe,keep the feeling of straight line,maybe will make it better!!(just my thought)


looking really nice man, really nice design. I love all the little appendages and the functionality of all the elements (wings folding in, the human mask over the insect face), very cool.
I was originally going to do an insect god myself, glad I didn’t, your concept knocks mine out of the park.
Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


this guy is looking sweet, really enjoy the layering of his wings and armor, can’t wait to see some high res…

Keep it up:cool:


Very interresting design. Very unusual. I like it :thumbsup:


@Velkin: Thanks I hope I will manage to see this one trough all the way!

@GnarART: the weather out is just pure awesome and it’s very hard to focus on this, but I am trying to poke highres a bit now (some wips for you) ^^

@nmcelmury: I am glad the functionality of it shows and appreciated. I hope you will like the final thing sins it’s can be quite tricky to make it work all the way through especially in this case for me :slight_smile: I really wanted to make something entirely different and push some ideas I had as much as possible.

@petrel: thanks for your feedback, yea I am going to make it somewhat more defined in highres and a bit less rounded so to speak. But overall I am going to aim for more round and organic shapes all the way through, to make it come together better as a whole. I am quite sure it will feel a lot better once everything will pop in place :slight_smile:



Sculpting and sculpting some more.


Interesting design and crazy sculpting!
The mask reminds me of a boss of Soul Reaver with a openable face…!

I loved that game, who reminds it? :slight_smile:

Keep up with the sculpting!


@stefanobernardi: Thanks! Haven’t played that game though :slight_smile:

Some more wips, getting there… very hard to find time grr, but I am doing as much as I can.
Tweaked some stuff on the chest, added some details on the hard shell that protect wings.
Made a small hard shell at the back skull shaped, sins some bugs do have that and I find it very interresting.
Soon time to wrap this highres up! Hope you like ^^