Dominance War V - 3D - [mad-one] - God Of Insects


Latest Update:

Here are my final images! I could use a vacation right about now. Thank god ^^ its done!
Thank you everyone, best of luck and may all the insects out there be kind on your tender skin!

I really wanted to make something original, something people haven’t seen before. A god that has history and something that makes you wonder. I pushed materials and functionality with this one as much as I could. The idea was to give the god scale and keep the balance of somewhat pure and impure within. The whole simple mask vs complex chest idea came from that. The insects are very fascinating things and very cool. It was probably the most far fetched thing for me to do considering my previous works. So of course I had to try it. It’s been a very tough race but I am very glad I participated. I would like to thank all who supported me in it. So big thank you! o/






I have somewhat clear vision of what I would like to achieve with this one.

Uber fast 2D sketch (like to do them in 3D mainly) and some guidelines.

…it’s a start!


temp blocking it out.


Done a bit more, just trying to get everything into place atm.

Feels like it’s going to be nice silhouette, but I guess I will have to tighten up lowres so i can get everything in there properly.


Haha I like the idea behind this! And damnit … you speed it really up. I took already 2 days to play with my concept : /
I feel so far behind now ^^



To be fair I have the vision of it all quite figured out already and I feel more at ease blocking it out as 3D quickly first, moving to more of fine tuning and adjusting in 2D later. It’s some what different then the usual approach but I feel more comfortable with it atm. Ideally tho you would like to nail everything right away in concept stage though :slight_smile: It’s just that I do it a bit further on. So i would say you are still ahead? ^^


You should trying pushing her eyes bigger. Most insects have huge eyes. It’d be neat to see just a bit of insect in her face. I dig the antennae you have going on here!


Haven’t had much time to work on it. Still a lot of stuff that is very temp and some things I will replace. But here is a bit more wips.

It’s a bit tricky to make the eyes work behind the mask. But the mask itself is gonna be a lot different in the end :slight_smile: Will make it work with the rest, allthough I do want it to stand out a little bit.


Argh, that looks very cool! I’m really impressed by the cool ideas and models floating around in this contest :slight_smile:
And I think you could just open her mask a bit in the final pose. Changing her “human” face wouldn’t be logical imo because it’s a disguise (I hope I’m not wrong xD) and it should match the human head.


This is looking great!


Thanks guys!

Some more wips, there is actually a thought behind it all! Believe it or not :slight_smile:


nice work with the mask explanation, i miss that detail too, but is ok, we doesnt have a concept to guess (your fault!).

Now seriously, really good concept, the idea of an huge insect lord trying to disguise like a human… original! and good poly flow.

Keep it up!


nice idea :slight_smile: I’ll keep an eye on this


Managed to squeeze a little bit 3D out today :slight_smile:

Opened and closed chest, there will be a lot of bugs in there in the (hopefully) near future.


really nice concept :thumbsup:


Great work mad-one, I like the concept and how it’s coming along.


Thanks alot guys!

This is my very first contest. I must say very enjoyable this far, I can’t wait to show you the final model. Just have to get it out of my head and into 3D form :slight_smile:


I hope I am not swamping you guys with wips :slight_smile: If so, do tell.

Some more… wips!


nice concept and model…

Dominance War V WIP


Love the idea, very original.
Can’t wait for the final! :drool:


interesting idea. have not seen such