Dominance War V - 3D - Lidon - God of Judgment


Thanks Pixel, yeah I agree eyes (or an eye) would look creepy cool. The purpose of the book isn’t really to be read though, it’s more of to absorb the powers of the judged god. Right now it comes across as just a book on his back, hopefully after the texturing and posing is done it will become a little more clear. I am still trying to stick to his original lore, even if the concept has changed drastically.


oh! that makes sense, i like the idea of the book absorbing powers, kinda like an amulet sort of thing :stuck_out_tongue:


An update on his 2-Handed gavel.


Normals test - going to do rest of equip / body to check for errors. So far so good.


very cool! That’s an awesome weapon there, and I like the prophecy of judgement, pretty creative


Quick update, quite happy about the extension. He is fully retopologized and UV’d, working on his pose and podium. Then onto the texturing. Gonna have his podium as a sound block (thing judges hit with their gavel) but it will be all destroyed from the impact of the oathbringer.


i really like how the horns on his back hold the book up, really sweet! his pose is cool to, simple but effective… Keep it up!:wip:


Looking great Salki! Iv been super lazy on my entry, glad to see your finishing. looking forward to seeing the textures.


Thanks guys, the pose still has some tweaking left but for now it’ll do. Yeah I hear ya Trev, it’s friggin tough to stay motivated, especially with the nice weather we are having here in the Peg.


Hey Kevin,

Looking good! Keep going you have to get this finished. Back to the pixel mine for me.




Yeah all I have left is the texturing and the pedestal, shouldn’t have any problem getting it finished - knock on wood!


Ok so tonight I just wanted to test out the maps I grabbed off the t-pose and transferred them to the posed. This was just a test with a quick polypaint and cavity mask, the maps seem to be keeping the fidelity quite well. Rendered in Marmoset.


Looking very nice. Looking forward to see this thing textured! :slight_smile:

<Dominance War V - 3D Character Entry>


Progress on the textures, started to finish up the details with HD sculpting while I texture. Hopefully will have textures done for friday, then I can just finish up the base and focus on presentation. Any last minute crits / suggestions are always welcome, although I can’t promise much!


Updated textures, trying to breakup his overall red color, added in darker specles and the tribal lines. I think the lines are gonna faintly glow and his eyes will be pretty epic glowy white.


looking better and better :slight_smile: It will be great to see that guy posed.

I think the white glow on the tattoos is a good idea.

Looking forward to see further progress


Thanks man, I’m considering adding chains and a giant lock around the book, might be a little too tight to the deadline though. :banghead:

Your model is insane man, great concept and execution!


Spamming the updates today, felt like changing the shader up to show off the details a bit more until I get it into a properly lit scene. Finished up with the hammer for now.

Anyone know how to make these pics bigger without having to right click and view in a new window?


wow this character is looking awesome so far!!, really love the hammer design , good luck man!:bowdown:


Well it’s been a journey, here is what I came up with for my first (and last from what I’ve read) Dominance War.

I tried to update my final image when I submitted the rest of my finals, hopefully it will update as I am now locked in to my submissions. I’ve emailed them just in-case it doesn’t update, last I saw it was “awaiting moderators approval”

UPDATE I just realized I forgot to include the presentation shot - thankfully only on our forums here!