Dominance War V - 3D - Lidon - God of Judgment


Name: Lidon (means “Judgment is Mine”).



First exploration with silouhette.


Updated a few things on the silhouette.


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Really nice silhouette & thumbs. I really like the wings.

Looks like he is going to be a real bad ass.

Look forward to seeing more.


Thanks, any preference which picture? Just trying to get as much feedback on the shape before I start modeling.


I like the rotation and positioning of the wings in the first one it has a nice arc to it which was lost in the second one. The larger shoulder armor looks cool but is throwing off the proportions a bit for me. If you adjusted the size of the feet/lower body I think it should sit well. The other thing you could try is make it asymmetrical and lose shoulder armor on hammer side. I think it might show it’s a bit more mobile and balance the silhouette. I like the gauntlet it’s a nice touch. :thumbsup:

Hope it helps


Hey Salki, Looking really solid so far. I was looking for references for my guy and came across this picture, made me think of your theme, sans wings though.

I like the shape of the new wing blades but i liked how the first wings pointed up a bit more like.



Hey Salki, nice start! I was looking for reference for my god and came across this picture. Made me think of your theme, minus the wings though. Thought you might like it for inspiration.

I like the blade shape of the “feathers” of the second pictures, but i like how the wings are pointed more upward in the first pictures.
Good luck!


@0NRG - I agree I do like the flow of the original wings, perhaps I will try and make the new wing designs flow as they do. I will also make some adjustments on the lower proportions as I do feel they should just be bigger and more “epic”. Thanks for the feedback so far!

@Trev - Thanks man! I agree about the wings as well, gonna check that reference out and maybe re-approach some of the design. You got a thread up yet!?


Ahh man, double post, i was wondering where my first post went, now i look like an idiot.

I just posted my thread still haven’t got anything to show quite yet.


Currently doing some 3d sketches to feel out the armor and how it will piece together. A brief update on his lore: after “sublime judgement” occurs, the defeated gods powers are returned to whence they came - the eternal flame that burns within Lidon. Long story short, Lidon is able to destroy gods because it was the flame from within him that was cast down to earth and hence created all other gods. When a gods powers are taken back into his book the page containing the powers is torn out and burned within Lidon, to return to it’s origin…


Ok so it’s been a while since i’ve posted anything. During that time I completely redesigned Lidon into something that presents me with more potential for a dynamic silhouette. I also got really bored of the average warrior look. This is where I am at so far. All of his traits remain the same besides his furnace, I am not sure how I am going to - if I still want to - incorporate it. Critique / suggestions are encouraged!

Day 1: Basic shape block in using zSpheres.

Day 2: Form Changes / Anatomy Changes

Day 3 - Additional shape corrections / anatomy corrections. Pose test for armor placement etc.



hey salki, just a humble opinion. i think you already have a somewhat fixed idea of how the upper area and ‘animal’ part of your god will look like. so my feedback is directed at the tail itself:

1- at the moment it looks like a melted appendix; something that does not represent nor depict power, strength.
2- given the fact that you’re tired of the usual warrior-demigod sort of design, you might want to consider the approach of making his tail the main weapon.
3- give it a more serpentine look, almost as if the tail would have its own life - take the standing position of a cobra for example.
4- i was thinking about subtle fish scales, or hardened crocodile skin, with vertical (dragon-like) spines on the top.

basically, i just hope those ideas that came to my mind allow you to invert the classic bulky, fully-armored and mace-equipped hero into a more organic god (strongly based upon the fact that you added an animal part).



Hey Chris, thanks for the feedback. I really digg your idea about incorporating the weapon into the tail. I think that would really bring the iconic judges gavel to a whole new level - kinda an anklyosaurus tail but gave shaped.

I really didn’t push the body too far as I was planning on having it covered in scales and surface texture, perhaps even some crystal formations. Could you expand on the melted appendix crit please, are you talking about his torso and where it meets the other body type?

Great feedback!


hey, my pleasure!

with the melted appendix i was not referring to the torso or the animal part at all, just the tail. it’s obviously still on an early design-stage. basically, i would:

  • make it drop to the ground faster (currently it’s much more diagonal and tense); make it more organic.
  • give it that serpentine look i mentioned.

i also took the liberty of adding/modifying a few things i really like. i hope this helps you out, somehow :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow it’s been a while since i’ve posted anything, but I have been busy with Lidon. The low poly mesh is done as well as the high-rez sculpt. I still have to do his weapon and add a few chains to the book etc.


Nice sculpting, but … eh … has he eyes in his back-head? Or is he abused as a book-shelf by some higher god?

Ah, I’ve got it, you want to print it out and sell it as a book-stand later on :rolleyes:.

Weird and original at the same time, I like it!


Erm…Thanks? LoL. Moving on to the hammer and hands today.


very creative! I like it :slight_smile: Actually, I also think it’d be awesome if you added an extra pair of eyes (or just one) in the back of his head, it would make sense and he’d look even more unique and creepy!