Dominance War V - 3D - KingstonZ - God of Authority


hi all thanks for the feedback, will visit everyone’s thread soon…now rush to zbrush her abit… coffeeee…


today’s update, have to focus the bigger stuff to add details in zbrush, still need a low poly model for her…and textureing… ahhh…


This is looking very good. I like the whole backpack with the mechanical arms. Especially the ones on the side.

keep it up, time is getting short :smiley:


oh wow man I’m really impressed with you work! you have become an instant inspiration


hi kingston, really cool modeling and design you have here!! i love the machine part on her head and shoulder! it look promising! cant wait to see more…!!

my DWV entry

my DA
my art blog


my god~ it’s awesome ! i hope you able to finish this ! cmon ! more COFFEE RAGE !


Awesome stuff! Helmet design is really cool.


This will be my final high-res mesh, working on my low poly model now, time is running out fast… will do my best …

Close up of the helmet and her features.

more details added for the body arms and boots…

back views

Comments are welcome…
Back to work …


It looks amazing so far, Kingston. I find it so awesome that all of the machinery actually works and transforms. The detail is crazy too.

Really hope you can make the deadline !! Go go go!


Hey Kingston the zbrush details look great!! will there be any part that will be glowing? something like tron but not too much may make the finished work more cyberpunk.

Almost there man, good luck! :slight_smile:


Hi all,

I didnt able to finish my entry on time, Something happened in my life( a good thing) in the middle of this com. and something happened in my office ( not so good thing) makes me no time to work on my god of Authority, but i really like this concept, and gona finish her no matter what… everyone doing great!! i will vote for the great entry here…

some WIP:

the skin texture done. with normal map… no spec yet. this is my 1st time using marmoset … really great tools… amazing.!


working on the TEXTURES … wanna try a dark version in future.


I call it done for now… will still upgrade the textures in future…

great job everyone!


Hi all, These are the Layouts i will be submit for Dominance War V, Hope everyone like it, if you love what you see here, Please Vote at the below link:

the whole progress in one post

Progress here for my entry

URL to the Dominance War Public Vote page:

Voting here

Name: Kinston - Entry Name: God of Authority

The Final Submission Main Page Layout

The Final Submission Presentation Layout

The Final Submission Construction Layout

The Final Submission Texture Layout

The Final Submission Concept Design Layout

I have learn so much by working on this character model with you guys here.
thanks for all the feedback and comments.



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