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Update for today, adding alittle more details for the helmet.and designing the back pack…

show more of her face. the beauty of girl… and try to make her more god like kind of features.

This is for myself to check if my concept really works… not gona use this dragon head in the final, but knowing the helmet really able to transform in 3d make me feel good.

Don’t know why i still wasting time to try transform her helmet,… but is fun… hehe
i think she will look cooler in the 1st mode with some part of face covered, but wanted to show her full face in the final… and try to see if the dragon idea will work.did some simple animation to see if it will work…

now gona use time wisely… detail details details!

Guys, thanks for all the comments… i will sure visit your post soon.


nice, hope to see it rigged soon :slight_smile:


Those are all awesome sketches/ silhouettes.

The 3D part seems to go along nicely too. I really like that helmet design and animation.

Keep it up, I am looking forward to see more!


it all good, but its just one thing that i realize from your dragon head design, it’s a male dragon look, is it intended to show the character strength ? for i suggest that make it more female dragon look ?


Hm… I rather think, that male dragon is more apropriate somehow. Just an opinion :slight_smile:


well my argument is when her helmet going full face, it’s a male dragon head with a sexy female body. hmmm. . .


this is the most interesting comments i ever heard, seriously i cant even different shape a male or female dog or tiger by just their head ( i guess all types of animal except lion ), dragon i guess is closer to crocodile or dinosaur , and how to make a crocodile or dinosaur looks female, with only a the mechanical helmet?( of cause is without adding eyelashes or makeup like cartoon ) The only female dragon i ever seen was at Sherk, the donkey’s wife… but i will definitely don’t want to go for that. By the way, how you actually know the different between a male and female dragon?? . hehehe…interesting topic.

anyway, this helmet is still in wip… is a low-res model with no texture, the final will be in zbrush … i already have some color idea in the textures to match the girl.

thanks all for the feedback, i m still working on the back pack now… will update soon.


the way her head transformed looks really cool. nice concept.


Looking great! The head piece is really amazing.


wohh loving the dragon head! cant wait to see the final product !


female dragon huh ? well she show less teeth, less aggressive look , more curve ? and overall less profile. i think. . .


Yes! Love the helm design! Concepts were all sweet too. Looking forward to updates.




last 2 week i have been caught up by work, not able to progress much , heavily behind seclude, 6 more days to go… now i m bring her to z brush… gosh…sculpting, re-topo, bake maps… textureing… 6 days left…( Cross my fighter … hope there will be more time given.)

Some update today:

added more details for the upper body, will sculpt more fine details at the belt or helmet in zbrush soon.

the backpack and the machine arm ( legs for the war machine mode)

Warfare machine mode transform from her backpack. ( may not work on it in…no time already…lol)

thanks for all the kind comments… i will have to speed up now…


These are the details i need to build and to sculpt in zbrush !

Able to work abit more on the details or shoulder and the feet. missing all the wires still.

side view


Love the transitioning helmet! Too cool. And the same goes for the design of those talon-like boots. Can’t wait to see what this looks like after you put it through ZBrush.


I guess your cross finger thing helped. Thanks! :wink:
Dominance War V has been extended by 7 days.
Deadline 11:59 pm Eastern Time, Monday, May 23rd, 2011


I guess your cross finger thing helped. Thanks! :wink:
Dominance War V has been extended by 7 days.
Deadline 11:59 pm Eastern Time, Monday, May 23rd, 2011

LOL… now there will be 12 more days…yeah!


Put on a fresh coffee pot! You know what needs to be done :slight_smile:

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Thanks for posting that update. What a relief!!!