Dominance War V - 3D - Kestas - God Of Underworld


ohh man. low poly looks awesome. as always u are texturing geneus


it’s cool design, I like it.

Good luck

my artwork for DW5


Thanks for the comments guys. Since we got extra 7 days I decided to remake some parts of the model to make my entry stronger. I didnt really like the legs ant the hands so I made some simple armor pieces for the hands and some cloth to cover up the legs. Im making the cloth red so it fits the CGS color scheme. Heres an overpaint to illiustrate my changes, this also shows the color scheme that Im going after. These textures are just color blockins and I have all the bake scenes so I`m not going to loose too much work :slight_smile:


with add up armors and clothes, your god looks way stronger.I like it.


rebake done click on the image to enlarge:


shit, u are one crazy guy:) u deserve to get a place on top in contest


Today I was feeling kinda lazy but didnt want to loose any time on my entry so I decided to make the base so heres the first warmup


man ur lazyness kind a talented:D


Wow, looking really awsome man! Nice model.


Here is my first wip with textures, Its not even close to finished I need to work on the skin and all other parts that are just plain colors for now.


Another update on my entry, I still need to finish texturing the head and some other small things like seams and specular map tweaks:
Click on the image for a bigger version:


I love the tail… nice concept!


wow very nice work so far, very well executed, he looks pretty badass to me, :buttrock:keep going man!!


Holy S#@t! That’s beautiful!


Thanks for the comments guys! I`m gonna post construction images latter.
This is my final:


really nice work man! congratulations!:bounce:


superb man:bowdown:


Great work. Love the textures!
The only thing I would change is the pose, as the current one is quite boring.
Anyway :thumbsup:


Nice modeling, texturing and rendering. good job~


thanks for all the support and comments guys!
Here is a hi res render of my final character hope you like it:
click on the image to enlarge: