Dominance War V - 3D - Kestas - God Of Underworld


concepts and wips coming soon

click on the image to enlarge:


Go go man! :wip:


Since I`m not very good at drawing I decided to do my sketching in 3d. Just blocking out some basic shapes.


Great start!
Somehow it looks like he have to have a tail :slight_smile:


Yeah I was thinking the same thing, I have an idea of making the tail look like a key to the gates of underworld but I`ll have to see how everything shapes up and decide about the tail.


Mmmmm, nice job!!! I can not wait to see more progress


wow, man looks cool. i think what would be cool. its if u decide to make a tail. that it would be mechanick and prety much similar to this monster gun.


Ive been sick for a while so I dont have any real progress to show. So I decided to set up a test scene for my wip renders.


Hello guys,
I have another small update, click on the image for a bigger version


hey man… te armor looks realy impresive:) i like it. but still if i where u i would change tail concept


Thanks man, yeah the tail and other organic parts are just a stand in for now once I finish more armor pieces I`m gonna do a retopo for the organic parts to give the face more density and also to add the tail to the body which is now a separate object.


hey i followed you all the way from zb to cgsoc

nice work keeep it up


Yeahhh, I’ve been noticing this thread for quiete a while. Great development. The armor is really impressive. You might add some more extra details by adding some buckles to the belts of his armor that would make it more believable and look even more convinving :smiley:

Great work.


Hey guys, heres an update. Weapon and more detailing coming in the next update


Modeling is really nice and clean.


oh cheez, looks greate:D i’m so happy what u did with the tail… looks superb


really nice model for the armor, the cgsociety logo is nicely done.


Beautiful work mate! So clean :slight_smile:


great work man : D your model was clean and fullfill with finely details , keep update : )



bakes almost done gonna fix the rest of the stuff when texturing.