Dominance War V - 3D - jushra - God of the Void


The nameless God of the Void holds the power of creation and destruction. A singularity can emit an entire universe, or collapse upon itself to end all life, and the Nameless wields this power; not for good, not for evil, but as an unstoppable force.

I finished, albeit late:


I’ve kicked out the body design, and am now moving onto the final concept sketches. I have a general idea of what the armor looks like in my mind, so I’m going to skip model sheeting the armor and just kick out a 3/4 front view and a 3/4 back view in an ‘action pose’. That should be enough for my own reference for the 3D model.

Edit: A friend of mine made some good observations. Those are to lengthen the tail to barely touch the ground, either beef up the upper arms, or reduce the shoulders, and do some differentiating with the lower arms. So that’ll all happen with another series of sketches. This initial go around didn’t take long, and helped with getting the idea roughed out.


Tonight’s update. Doing a ‘black hole weapon’ in his stomach. Added the seven chakras along his chest (the crown chakra will be added later). Since I’m a bit behind schedule with the 3d portion of this, and I know where I’m going with the concept, I’m moving onto the next stage without complete refinement of the concept. I may or may not be out of town for the next five days, unable to work on this (military obligations), so I’ll have to make up for lost time when I get back.


Yeah I’ve got 2 weeks to somehow get this done. Here’s an updated sculpt. It’ll happen. Sleepless nights are upon me.

An update to the design is as follows: chakra eyeball placements along the body. The ‘crown chakra’ will incorporate the CGS logo. Once I get the armor/robes together the colors will better match the ‘team’.

Crits welcome.


Here’s the body sculpt for this fella. I’ll be making the armor and hard surface pieces tomorrow and Tuesday, and I should be able to get the colors done up by the weekend so I can start on the retop.

Comments/crits welcome.


Armor update. Still need to model out a back plate and detail the gauntlets and lower body armor. Nothing like working right up to the deadline… :shrug:

The concept changed a tad since I started; I suppose that happens.


Update from tonight. Hitting colors and some texturing tomorrow.


This thing is probably not getting done by midnight tomorrow, but I’ll be trying. Here’s the high poly painted version. I scrapped the tech ideas, decided they didn’t fit, plus even if they did, I’m terribly behind as it is. Sometimes thats good.


Better late than never I suppose.


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