Dominance War V - 3D - Jae-Keum - God of Nuke


@Kanga: Thank you. Wing is just two polygon with normal map to save polygon.I’m not goning to make back face polygons for wing. I’ll use just double sided rendering option. I think 12500poly count limit is too small . I hope polycount limit is more than 20000 .

So you just have maps and alpha channels on those 2 big polygons? Looks great, who needs 20,000 polys ha ha :slight_smile:

Well done.


this is fcuking madness!! you can’t be right haha again, am proud to be on this team


dang dude! that lo-res and those renders are awesome! Keep it up.


Hello there, well this looks nasty! very good job so far :bounce:


Jae-Keum, I’ve been following you from the start and have been amazed the entire time. When I saw the level of detail, I had high hopes of being able to keep mine within the 120K poly limit, but I am new to this whole process and using only ZBrush. It’s been hell getting Decimation Master to drop the the poly’s and still look right and setting up UV’s is just as bad. I think I waited to long too take that stuff into consideration, and probably need to retopologize.

Anyhow, I have a lot of respect for you and the other 3D artists who do this so well.

It was a great learning experience, but I’m throwing in the towel at this point. I wish you well! Excellent work.


@Kanga: Thanks for your comment
@Randize: Thanks a lot.
@TonyVirili:I appreciate your comment.
but Most of my modeling was done in 3Ds Max.It’s still quite hard for me to do hard surface modeling in Zbrush.(I dont mean Zbrush isn’t good hard surface modeling tool.I’m just not that Zbrush expert.I’m sure that many Zbrush experts can do hard surface modeling by using just Zbrush.)So I usualy get 80percent of modeling done in 3ds max and do just 20percent details in Zbrush.
for lowpolymesh I use freeform modeling on surface in 3DS max.(it’s the same tool as polyboost plugin.)
@rattlesnake: Thanks a lot.
@GnarART: Thank you.

I finished main image.

link for bigger image------

link for bigger image ------------


This is a powerful evil bastard !
Congrats on finishing dude!
Awesome work!Good luck!


wow! I was waiting to see how to gonna fit so much stuff into 12.5k tris, and I must say you pulled it of! your UVs look insane :twisted:


You are a BEAST my friend! HARDCORE!


Just a word of advice, you might want to think about a more dynamic pose.


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