Dominance War V - 3D - Jae-Keum - God of Nuke


@harlequin02:most of modeling is done in 3ds max.In Zbrush stage I add small details like slits , halls and dented areas… etc…
@TonyVirili:Thanks for your comment.


Now this is some serious stuff here! Mate, the best of luck to you. I really cant wait to see this bad boy finished! KEEP ROCKN!!


Sweet, the heads pretty cool on this, makes me think of like a futuristc “Doomsday.” Looking foward to more. Will your god have legs or something else?


@arokz: Thanks for your reply.I’ll keep working hard to finish it.
@KCassidy:Thanks you. I posted some screenshot with legs. and I’m modeling nuclear bomb ,extra arm to grab it and wing to make him to fly like a nuclear bomber .


well it is epicatromsuperultimateaweomelyinsane !


I AGREE with harlequin02 :slight_smile:

I love coming back to your updates. They make me :drool: (drool)

Keep rockn!!



woah talk about epic… awesome skills!


Great sculpting :thumbsup: . But don’t you think that your character is overdetailed, no?


@JustinPunio:Thanks for your comment.
@Velkin:Thanks for your opinion.I totaly agree on your comment. I figured out most detail of this guy with 3d modeling without proper detail conceptart…so such a problem happend…I would like to change design but I think it’s too late to do it… I will try to cover some details by using dark color during texturing stage.
@harlequin02: Thanks a lot.
@arokz: I appreciate your comment.
screenshot with nuclear bomb.

bigger image-

link for bigger image


lowpolymesh and normal. I still need to reduce some poly count. and there are some seam issue about normal.

link for bigger image----

link for bigger image –


plz no more, spare my soul ! hahaha ! great job love the wing !


looks like we have a winner…your modeling skill is really good,i cant help to reply you.


I haven’t been coming to the 3d section, looks like I have been missing out. this is badass!


Nice stuff man!
The wings look like one poly, is that just a single image per side I am seeing for the wings?



Nice work! Keep going. Best of luck :slight_smile:

<Dominance War V - 3D Character Entry>


great model! It is nice to see how much detail you were able to keep on your game mesh.


@PavelSokov: thanks for your comment.
@harlequin02: I appreciate your comment.
@Kanga: Thank you. Wing is just two polygon with normal map to save polygon.I’m not goning to make back face polygons for wing. I’ll use just double sided rendering option. I think 12500poly count limit is too small . I hope polycount limit is more than 20000 .
@petrel: Thanks a lot.
@Beneto:Thanks for comment.
@[mad-one]: Thank you~
I baked out A.O map and tested some surface materials. It’s just test stage so It’s very weak.
once I pick proper material I’ll put very heavy surface material texture.
screenshot of AO map and WIP color texture at early stage.



Your model and the design is looking really great! and the normal map details looks very sharp.looking forward for the texture done… great work!


i like your concept!
i like your ‘god’
i like all of yours!

i am from 2D !
i wanna be friend with you!
so, i wait your message,
and i wanna say good luck!

this is mine…


@tianxinyu: thanks a lot for your comment.
@KingstonZ: Thank you .I posted some screenshot with WIP textures.

Screenshots with WIP textures.