Dominance War V - 3D - Jae-Keum - God of Nuke


I’m going to make the god of nuke.

Deadline looks quite tight …


hey good to see you joined the main even.
loved your work from the warm up round.
can not wait to see what you come up with


@lorez: Thanks for comment~

Here is background story about this guy.
He was a commander of special force for nuclear warfare.
Oneday he got involved in suicide mission and all of his team and he were killed in action by radiation poisoning.At the very time of death he noticed someone set him up to this trap.
He fell down to the hell after death.Then He sold his soul to Satan for revenge and he became a devil with nuclear warfare equipment…(it’s really cheesy story …I guess devil could be kind of god though…)
body made from zirconium to keep some nuclear material like plutonium.
It brings the dead body of commander and nuclear reactor and nuke with him.
his Body is connected to head with kind of cable to send and recieve signals…


Awesome concept. Im gonna follow your progress :) And you shouldnt worry about the deadline considering the way DW started with delays I`m pretty sure the deadline is gonna be extended :wink:


Cool / When you start a model :thumbsup:

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nice concept! I like the organic feel of the mechanical part. I am looking forward to see more :thumbsup:


@kestas: Thanks. I hope deadline would be extended again this year…otherwise it’s really hard to finish…
@xdmo: Thanks ,I’m building a mesh now. I post some image below.
@Beneto: Thanks for comment~

a proxymesh for leg and torso. I’m goning to change design little bit during building meshs.


WIP screenshots of detailmesh for head and chest parts


adding a shoulder part and pelvis for detailmesh


Wowo really likeing the concept, will defo be followin your progress.
Good luck.


Cool! :thumbsup:

DW5 2D


nice concept and sculpt …

[Dominance War V WIP](


insane ! look promising !


Your guy is too good. Two in one body :thumbsup:


Woh I am speechless. Very nice concept and nice hard surface sculpt.


Hi, you have a really great concept there… and very professional modeling!


Cool design, espicially in the head area :applause: . I guess it’ll be hard to show the whole idea using a single image. Though it’s always turns out like that with nonconvetional designs, at least for me. Good luck, dude. Your thred is one of my favorites now.


@KingstonZ:Thanks you.
@Velkin:thanks.I prefer to make rough concept and develop it during 3D mesh stage.
@ZenArc:Thanks for your comment.
@xdmo: Thanks for reply.
@harlequin02:Thank you.
@chandramohansahani:Thanks for your comment
@x-art-x:thank you
@pedrOadan:thanks for your reply
adding arm and hand parts…put more detail on head and shoulder.


can i ask ? how did you manage to model such a complicated stuff ? is it simply kit-bashing or sculpting ?


This is extraordinary. Beautiful job. Love all the detail, especially the texture of the hoses.