Dominance War V - 3D - GnarART - God of Evolution


very nice update. The colors help separate and clarigy some elements. I am really looking forward to see this fully textured.

I think the flow of the muscles/ligaments along with the sharper plane changes in some forms give him a nice blend of creepy and elegant. Loving it.


just posting game mesh updates, currently at 11,892 polys w/out hair.

Bento: thanks dude, i think the texture will really help pop some forms.


This is so ****ing cool! It looks like power itself.

I just feel like that fusing his legs makes him a bit statuesque


hi there,

Just want to tell you , your model is awesome! and the concept is really cool too.


Sick updates dude really feelin godly! Poly paint test is already cool but if you get more time work some bigger gradients into that paint job;) Looking forward to more, you got a GREAT entry definatly one of the coolest imo. BTW did you do the low/bakes/uvs in a day cause that’s what I’m going to try to do:(


Hey all, thanks for the comments. Just 1 quick shot from marmoset. Time to finish up some final sculpting and get on to texturing!

Kcassidy: yep i did it all in pretty much 1-2 days, although i’ll keep tweaking it until the end.


Nice job dude moving along fast… that gives me hope lol. Anyways, I love your head of your god in that last pic nice clean shapes and sick design.


Wow, nice model man, and a cool idea!


Looking good man! I’m digging the hair roots.


wow !! really loving the stylish shape, very cool design, good work on the sculpting, u better hurry now , good luck !


ya ya, this has god status for sure! looking forward to see the new updates with cavity and all! nice work! cg all day.


Hey guys, thanks again for the comments and encouragement:) Here’s a few renders of my final normal and ao maps. The diffuse still needs a ton of work…hopefully i’ll have them all wrapped up by 2nite.

Good luck everyone! GO CG!:scream:


a quick render…

much to do!



Looks kickass! :slight_smile: Best of luck.

<Dominance War V - 3D Character Entry>


keep going man this is looking great!! gl!:slight_smile:


This straight up rocks. Love it now “Finish Him”


Reeeeal good. I love those subtle value and hue variation you got in there. That high contrast with the babies and the hairs versus the rest of the body is a strong selling point, in my opinion.

I really like what you did with the cavities at the tip of the wings.

keep it up, that’s badass.


Looking awesome dude! good luck!


thanks everyone, glad you like. Here is a shot of the pose, it still needs a little tweaking, just wanted to throw it out there. Not much time left!

   GO CG!!!


Sweet pose. Fits the character well. Nice touch with the warm lighting coming from below

Do it!

You got my bow