Dominance War V - 3D - GnarART - God of Evolution


Hello all, Here are some concepts i have going…not sure entirely on what this guy could be but I’d like to figure it out asap so it can help drive the design. I would also like to add some more elements and try to find a more bold silhouette.

            let me know what you think.
            GO CG!:scream:

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            Earlier thumbnails


Ohhh very nice designs! Will be watching.


Wow! mos def looking like a contender! awesome work!


Names… i see in your concepts nature, webs, wood, organic and shamanic… names that came to me… god of (dreams, whispers, forest, earth, time, silence).

Hope this help. good work!


Hey! I didn’t realize it was you until I saw those kickass silhouettes!

I am a big fan of the head/helmet/white hairs concept. I can foresee this being an awesomely gnarly sculpt.

I am warming up to the idea of the smaller arms in the middle now. From those new concepts, it seems like it has good potential.

The front silhouettes are very iconic and has that “godly” feel to it, which is great.

Keep it up! Looking forward to see further progress.


Some very very nice looking concepts here, you will have a hard time picking one out to go with!
I liked the idea VictorFornes had for ‘God of Dreams’, in a couple of the sketches the object on his back looks almost like a dreamcatcher, which can be a pretty creepy object and would go with the overall feel of the character. Maybe even god of nightmares?
Great work so far though!


Hey everyone, thanks for the comments!

Finally figured out what I’m going with and that is the god of evolution. His story is still in the works but basically he is the carrier and creator of three uber beings that can rule the land, sea, and air. They are encompassed in his torso awaiting the day of release. Over the years his wings eventually twisted and curled in front of him to act as a work bench for his creations.

Will be posting 3D updates soon…


Wicked and creepy,

I love the little dudes with the extra arms. It’s a great design.

I really dig all your thumbnails as well.

Can’t wait to see it in 3D.


That’s an absolutely creepy idea. I love it.
Adding those pale alien fetuses was a great touch in term of design, but also for value contrast.

I’m dying to see that thing sculpted.


Hey … That is a really cool concept you have… really like the silhouette of him… keep on!


lookin realll nasty! youll have a great time in zbrush with this one! diggin the head/dome piece with that hair. nice touch


thanks for comments guys!..finally in 3d, trying to play a little catch up. Much, much more to do…

Here’s a shot of the torso. I’ll post the rest of him soon.


Hell yeah sick designs! Woo I’m really diggin that torso and those little beings add allot of interest. I’m finally getting time to work on some 3-d too so I’ll be playing catch up with ya. BTW nice progress already with the sculpt, looking forward to updates!

Small suggestion; maybe try pushing the little being back on the Z axis some to create more depth in that area. It might even be cooll to see some more of the cavity the little one is sunk into.


Hey all, just posting a small update. I’ll post a full body shot with the wings soon…hopefully tomorrow.

I hope the tradition continues with this comp and adds a couple week extension:applause:


Sweet dude! Glad to see an update. It’s looking really cool so far! I’m looking forward to seeing the wings and the rest of the body.


Hey all, finally posting an update with the wings, going to try and bust out a game mesh tonight and tomorrow.

Metatron: here’s a fully for ya:)

 GO CG!  

base is very rough


Alright dude! looking sweet! Let’s see the whole thing? :wink:

Just one last push till the end!


Yeah, that’s pretty awesome looking :slight_smile:


wow, imo best god design on cg! cant wait to see final


Hey guys, thanks for the comments glad you like!

did a quick color test…more of a cavity masking test for polypainting. I’m thinking he will end up being more grey and red for CG’s colors. Going to try to finish my game res by the end of today. Good luck to everyone!