Dominance War V - 3D - Glinskiy Alexey - Goddess of hunting


last update:
finally i’m complete everything, thanks everyone for attention for advises for everything :sunglasses: here my final pictures and i think tomorow i will prepare small video preview from marmoset real time render program


      so good luck everyone! and let's start :thumbsup: I decided to make a goddess of hunting, hunting of animals, people, spirits, etc. she is from dark side like half of demon or half of animal anyway she is not a good god:twisted:. This is the first step, I draw a simple sketch in the future necessary decide what would be her face, real or diabolical and necessary add a bow, arrows, weapons, etc.


base mesh


first touch zbrush


poor lion :rolleyes: - good coat:twisted:


Good work so far, the 3d looks pretty cool.


i was keeping an eye on your work from round one. keep it up.
you are off to a fast and furious start .


Hey, nice start Alexzavr!


thanks guys, I’m just trying to make quick, because I was waiting this Dominance War almost 2 years and now I have a lot of passion to make a quick:wip: and good :cool:


I decided to make all details and then begin sculpt :wip:


Whoa~ You sculpt and model really fast! ;D
So much work done already!


yes a lot of work has been done and necessary to do more, we’ve got just one and a half months so - do not relax guys;)
small update continue to add details


hey, you are rushing forward with big steps :slight_smile: i like the hunting theme and the details.
just two things:

  • the lion head doesn’t look very functional. the heavy head is lying on her shoulder and would constrain her movement. maybe it would be an option to put it on her back or use a smaller animal?

  • her details are a bit mixed up. skirt with leater straps (ancient world), some chain armor…i’m sure that you can design a better outfit with some thoughts about her life, environment, function :slight_smile:
    i associate hunting with liveliness, speed, dexterity, soundless… giving her cushy materials, materials that do not make noise by walking, that melt with her environment, that are taken out of her environment can make the design more consistent and tell the viewer more about her.

just some thoughts to slow you down before you have finsihed your work next week :wink:


So Michael, you’re a good artist and I respect you :thumbsup: that’s why I will explain more!
When I thought about a woman hunter, of course I thought about the character design like these…

but then I remembered that also - she has to be a goddess
leader, or commander, someone who can lead the army of spirits, animals, demons, people-it does not matter. because she is a goddess!
and that’s why she must look more massive, than the usual silent hunter in the forest(for example):rolleyes:

I decided to make a lion because he is the king of all beasts, and she killed him, and used as a coat I think it means something, decorate itself with trophies defeated enemies. and lion still not ready, believe me right now I’m not sure about his size, shape and place.
OK let’s see what I will have in the final result :sunglasses: thanks for your opinion and advice, I really will think about a lion.
and also i decide to make a pet for her, something , someone big and a rhino, or buffalo, or a diabolic wolf, a simple sketch

that’s why i very hurry, alot of works - and just one and half month :buttrock:


wow great and fast progress


First of all let me say that I like what you’ve done so far. Cool details and interesting idea. But just one question: Pet’s are forbidden this year in DW, aren’t they?


yes of course we can make pets , link from rules
“Up to 12,500 tris max for everything (everything = characters, laser beams, shield effects, glows, other special effects, magical weapon, gear, steed(s), pet(s), twin(s), multiple characters, summoned monsters, personal equipment, etc).”


Ahhhh cool, good to know :smiley: Thank you. Keep on modeling, Mr. Alexzavr :smiley:


nice progress overall :slight_smile:mr. Alexzavr
your modeling is fast and good detail


Good character!
You will have a lot of work to re-topology all these little things of the armor!

so, you can put more animals in the armor.
She is a god. She hunting a lot of animals!
(i like the lion, but i believe that you put more could be better)


Wow! the sculpt progress is looking great! good luck the rest of the way!