Dominance War V - 3D - Gaboon - God of Nuclear Annihilation


Great character! I love the concept. The change of colors and values look good.


OK. I removed the wisps at the bottom as it was taking away from his mushroom cloud shape. I still have 5 K to spend and am using them to round out the cloudy details on his body.

All feedback has been helpful and appreciated.


I like it! Reminds me of Lovecrafts Azathoth which is also a god in the shape of a giant cloud :slight_smile:


I really love your entry and have been following it sine you started.

Personally I think you could enhance the look of it by working more on the volume feel of the cloud, especially around the base.
I think a pretty heavy AO map would be a good thing, maybe not just multiply it with black but also put some other cloudy colors in there too.

Other than that I really like your dark metal.
And I was sorry to see the radioactive symbol disappear from his chest, but I see why you did so.

One thing you could look into is using some of those extra tris on some alpha planes around his silhouette to fade the cloud from solid to nothing. (maybe not the best idea)

You could also try and see if you could make the transition from cloud to metal parts more seamless by spending more tris there with more cloud bits, 3d or 2d.

Only suggestions from the top of my head, probably not all of them are realistic in the remaining time frame.

Good luck!

  • Tom


Thanks guys:) Well, I am DONE. I was totally cramming at the end and didn’t get to do some of the things I had planned with my renders but that’s how it goes. I learned so much from this and had to move out of my comfort zone as an artist. That is probably the best thing that I’ll take away from ths experience. Thanks to everyone for the feedback. Good luck to all in the voting. Hope to see you guys in the finals!



Fantastic stuff. I love the shapes and style. One of my very favorites so far. I really hope you do well in the competition :slight_smile:


This turned out really cool! I love the smoky feel at the bottom and his face is cool with all the ‘eyes’. Great stuff!


I really dig this piece! very original and great execution, awesome work!

good luck!


Nice! Very good job with this guy I think it’s awesome! Reaaly imaginative concept BTW.


Thanks so much, guys :slight_smile: Glad to be done!


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