Dominance War V - 3D - Gaboon - God of Nuclear Annihilation





So, just working on silhouettes.


Well, after a lot of scetching I just wasn’t feeling the Goddess of Agony. I was having a hard time coming up with an original look. I feel like she would be just another demon chick.

Anyway so I started thinking about other ideas and came up with The God of Nuclear War. I need to find out how to change my thread title.

Sketches to come…


Mh your sketches were pretty cool imo
But based on your sketches I’m pretty sure you could sketch out anything ^^
And I have to admit that your new idea is indeed more original than the first one (there are already lots of dark/blood/pain gods around, which is cool because you can see different concepts but something really unique is even better.)


Thanks Zykras. This new idea is going to have plenty of its own challanges but I won’t be worried about originality as much I think.

Working with the silhouette. Just initial ideas. All feedback is appreciated.


Starting to zero in on the design. I realized that I need to add some other surface elements so that he is not just made up of only cloud/fire. Added some military war machine parts representing the technology which has brought him about. I want his fingers to be missile heads. The challenge for me is to get the cloud and weapon elements to mix in a convincing way. All feedback is appreciated.


good work!.. may i can suggest little pieces going from the ground to his head?.. like something in perpetual motion.

I understand perfectly the shape of nuclear explosion, the missiles in his fingers looks a little strange, but if i see those like dissarmerd pieces of missiles, have some sense, but maybe there you can put some lithe techno parts surrounding the fists too.

Nice work, keep it up!


Here is a rough color. Still going to play with these elements.

Good suggestion, Victor. I’ll try to add some of that. I’ll be playing around with adding more mechanical parts overall and getting their shapes interesting. Now they are a bit cartoony.


Haha perfect! I really love his silhouette and the idea behind this :smiley:
To be honest: Much better (more original) than the first concept!
Can’t critique that much … I just like where this is going.


What a neat concept, I can’t wait to see this realised in 3D.


Yeah pretty cool. I like how you’ve merged the nuclear blast with the armor. Just wondering if it would also look cool if you hue-shift the explosion greenish.


OK. Started the sculpt. I realized that I had never sculpted cloud before. Its been an interesting challenge. When I sculpted it straight cloud it just was not interesting looking. I leaned over more towards liquid fire. I think its really going to come down the the material treatment to sell it.

I put his head on the top as I just wasn’t digging it coming out the front. I plan to add faces writhing in the fireball. Lot of work still to go.

All comments and crits are appreciated.


I wasn’t feeling this guy for a while and then I fiddled with the proportions and suddenly felt like I found him. Full steam ahead.

   All comments and crits are appreciated.


That’s pretty amazing. I love the fire. :smiley: Though I’m not sure about the metal-stuff he’s wearing I’m quite confident that this will rock too.



:twisted: F***KKK YEHH!!


This is cool! I’m diggin the bulbous forms, nice sculpting.:slight_smile:
Maybe try extending the bottom of his torso some, he feels a little on the short side currently.
Looking forward to more…


kogen- Thanks. Yeah, I needed to add some other surface type other than cloud and him being the creation of insane scientists it worked for me to have some mechanics on him.

aglot89- Thanks man.

KCassidy- Thank you. I shortened the arms and I think that address some of his proportion problems, good feedback, ty.

Well, I am done with the high res, me thinks. There are a few things I am not entirely happy with, but I need to move on. I changed the proportions which seemed to improve him. Again I think it's largely the rendering that is going to sell him as made of fire cloudness. I plan to try out different color schemes on the game res. 

All feedback is helpful and appreciated :slight_smile:



So interesting,I like this god~


Thanks, mare.

Started the game rez. Still 5K under budget so I have some polys to spend.

His body was reading as lava and not as nuclear fire/cloud. I have been working on the emissive texture to try to remedy this. I am going to start to try different color schemes soon.

All comments and crits are helpful and appreciated.


Really digging the color progression. I think overall its shaping up nicely, you could push the nuclear mushroom cloud though - I think that would really sell it rather than just relying on the central nuke logo. If you have 5k poly left maybe consider the mushroom cloud pushing up underneath him or something along those lines. Love the concept / execution so far though.