Dominance War V - 3D - Fracture - Goddess of Earth


Hi all,
my idea is to do a female character, the goddess of earth, owned and corrupted by an evil black matter, it could be oil, industrial disasters, ignorance, or the entire humanity :slight_smile:
Just time to do some sketches, still al lot to do…I hope you like it



Nice, keep it up, not much time left :wink:


true!! thanks :slight_smile:
Another small update, next step is Zbrush




Some progress on the low poly…


Low poly almost finished…
I added a “weapon” and some details on the refinery
See You!


I started to texture my goddess.


some progress…


Hi guys!
some turntables of my Goddess of Earth. I hope you like it.
C&C always welcome! :beer:



see you!


Hi! This is one shot of the complete figure. After this I changed the sceptre.


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