Dominance War V - 3D - FFTrouma - Goddess of Cyberia


During the time when the age of machinery meets the age of nature a deity is needed to stand between these two opposing forces when they clash in their final battle. The Goddess of the cybernetic paradise Cyberia will not let anyone rule her out.

There goes a short cheesy intro to my DWV thread. Some wips will be posted later next week, and I am looking forward to have a great time in this contest with all of the talented, hard working people who have already joined as well as those who will join in the future.

After changing the concept for a bunch of times, I’ve come to this final piece. It was truly a bad thing to throw my ideas around when there were only several days left till the deadline, and I think it also made the quality suffer, but hey, it’s finished!


A screen shot of the base mesh. It’s pretty obvious that it is not complete yet.


Maybe you could go a little more crazy with her anatomy to make her more unique and recognisable. I think a distinctive silhouette helps a lot.
good luck to you :beer:


Hi, what i see as problem here is, i cant see a god there, i see a good human shape with weapons, but i still thinking in what make this guys a god , what is the difference between she and the rest of the humans (skills maybe, but looking for something more visual).

Maybe putting some parts floating, thinking if im a god, why i have to wear things like mortals?

Hope this help.



Thank you for your opinions, everyone.
I have to agree with what you said because the lack of godliness on this model has been bugging me since the very beginning.
Floating parts seem like a very nice idea so I will make sure to look into that. I was also thinking of adding wings since, naturally, gods can fly and they also posses some animal traits quite often [especially the mythological ones].


Basically a sketch in 3D, the horse mesh is a temporary one since I came up with the idea only last night.
Brainstorming is an exhausting activity :smiley:


Here is a sculpt of the horse

Finally starting to arrive at the finishing point.



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