Dominance War V - 3D - chewsti - God of the Hunt


This is my first time participating in DW. Really excited to get started. After some zsketching and a quick paintover I think I’m gonna stick with this concept for him.


Nice start, was expecting some kind of lances in the model, like the weapon that define the act of hunt.

But looks like a god for me, so is going in the right direction.



I already thought of no one receives a similar idea as me… :stuck_out_tongue: nice nice
I look forward to your progress.


VictoryFornes: Thanks, I’m planning on giving him a spear and a bow of some sort, just didn’t put them in to this concept.

Heres my progress on the base mesh for the night.


More progress today. Base mesh is done for the most part, will be taking it into zbrush tomorrow.


Some more progress after getting into zbrush. I’ve also decided to ditch the spear. I didn’t like how it was turning out. I will be going with a bow I think indead.


More progress here. I changed some of the proportions in the body and did more sculpting on the body and accessories.

I also got a start on the bow I’m going to use as his final weapon, and decided to take the small shield off his forearm and attach it directly onto the bow.


I really like how it is coming out, the detail in the hooves look great.


Some progress on my characters weapon. I’m liking it much more than the spear . Comments and critiques are always appreciated


Finishing up the uvs for my character


Finished up sculpting and baked normals. Now I’m starting on base textures. Have to hurry up and get some work done to meet the deadline.


Got some more progress on the textures.


Redid the bow for my god. I’l liking it much better than before.


Some more progress getting close to finishing his textures. Started posing and building his base.


Getting close to done now. Should be able to finish before the deadline.


Its been a great working on this project and I’m happy with my result and what I’ve learned from the process. Here are my final images.


I love it . Especially the final image :buttrock: .

It’s so cute . I want one for home . :twisted:

So , nice work mate !!!


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