Dominance War V - 3D - Chava - God of Courage


Here is what i got so far, I know the feet looks odd but ill fix them later, also i haven’t decided if will be human or some kind of creature, also no idea about the weapon. .Anyway its just the general idea. Critics and suggestions are welcome, hope you like it.


I like the style you’re going with the armor man, just keep playing with his proportions and silhuette, making sure to giving him some divinity as well. keep it up chava!


Thanks man, I always appreciate the feedback, here is an update, I change a little bit the armor and start to play with color combination, I am more comfortable with this one. Still thinking about the had and weapon, but anyway, hopefully the next post will be the final concept and start modeling soon.


Here is the concept, ready to start the 3D version. Hope you like it.


Here is an update, the base mesh for the sculpting part. hope you like it.


Here is an Update, Still working on it, hopefully will come up ok.


Here is another update, I need to level a little the detail in he armor, but so far i am satisfy of how is looking.


An Update, Only remains the skirt and the sword, hope you like it.


Really nice progress mate! :applause:


I was a bit worried when I saw the concept sketches cuz blades on the Vambrace is a rather played out concept. And although it looks good it’s really hard to pull off.
But after seeing the 3D WIP my worries were laid to rest. It looks great. Better than I expected.
Another thing that I would point out is that weapon you’ve chosen is more or less the widespread anime version of a broadsword with exaggerated dimensions. I’m not saying that its bad, what I am trying to say is that these kinda weapons have been seen so much in various games like DMC, Darksiders, etc. that they have lost their …“oohhh ahh” effect, if you know what I mean.
If you have time I would advise you to research on weapons a bit, specifically swords and batte-axes.
Also it would be great if you could design some headgear (not a full one but a partial one).
But then again this is what I think, may not be what anyone else’s views.
All in all it’s coming along great. Would love to see the updates to this one . :bounce:



Thanks for the feedback man. About the sword, I knew the big ass swords are already over used, and actually tried some other designs or a different kind weapon, but I dint have a good feeling (at least personal feeling) of how they were working, so i just went for the classic sword. I am planning to make some changes in the sword in the future. Is good you pointed out, i am doing a little bit more research on weaponry as you suggested. Other Reason for the design of the sword is that I love cliches, extreme tough Sci-fi marines, crazy ass hot girls with medieval armor, really exaggerated sized weapons, etc, jeje.

About the head gear, I spend a lot of time trying to come with something as a helmet, some piece of armor, even facial hair or scars, but again, i wasn’t satisfy how it felt. Still I am thinking while working about something in the head or his face, but by the moment i am sticking with the original idea.

Thanks again for the feedback, see you.


You’re welcome.

I get what you’re saying about the weapon and lets face who doesn’t love all those things.
As for the headgear, I know that it can be a pain in the ass but have you tried to give it a hood like war has in darksiders or alex mercer has in prototype. I am pretty sure that that would look pretty badass too. I’d suggest a magneto type helmet but that wouldn’t look good :P. :smiley:
And another thing I just remembered was the Abyssal Armor in Darksiders. It’s one hell of a armor, thought it’d help you

Nyhooo good luck. I hope you win :smiley:


Cool concept, like a lot the design of the armour , really great. Agree with the BaronFlame comment about the sword (but i like that the design match the armour :)) Again, great work and waiting for more updates. :beer:


Here is finally the HP of the model, ready to start the LP.


Thanks for the support man. About the sword I decided to follow the concept at the end, I thought about another kind of weapon but, nothing came to my mind, so I just went for the sword.

Ill tried the hood idea during the concept stage, but because the shape of the shoulder pads it looks like he has no beck, or like he is lifting his shoulders like trying to hide his neck, well you got the idea. Anyway, I always appreciate the suggestions and feedback, Thanks a lot.


Like a lot the details on the armour, and the sword looks cool. Great work and waiting for more updates! Cheers!! :beer:


Hi again, here is the latest update, I was worried about the deadline, but hopefully with the 7 days extension ill make it, the screenshots of the LP and HP aren’t in the exact same angle, but with the HP my computer was dying, so I made then in separate scenes. I just stick with the original concept. hope you like it.


Edit: My bad. Forgot that he’s wearing clothes.
Face palms himself
Nyhooo now that I remember that, it’s looking awesome. Can’t wait for the final one. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice model, very cool design.


Hey Chava,

Nice work, the faces on the shoulders plates are a cool touch on the armour.
Hope that you can finish the concept , really cool addition for your portafolio. :slight_smile:
Waiting for more updates. Cheers!! :beer:


Here are the final images.