Dominance War V - 3D - Cass83-God of Sound


agree! go man! :bounce:


I love the design! Very dramatic. Almost there!


It looking great, my friend. Nice palette.

Keep rocking!

You got my sword


GnarART: Thanks a lot ! I’m tryin to finish lol, gettin close.

rattlesnake: Thanks man I’m goin…

Midost: Thanks Margret! Yeah I’m getting close.

Beneto: Aragorn! Glad your liking the paint. Still got a few minor tweaks on the textures then I’m going to prepare/ layout the finals…

Thanks for all the support everyone! Go CG!


There are so many things I think is great with this one :slight_smile: Very nice work! Glad we got some extra time so more polish and joy goes into this years works!

<Dominance War V - 3D Character Entry>


Thanks Mad One!
Ok finally done, thanks for looking!!

This has been a great contest hope cg wins


Alright dude! The model turned out great! I like how the arm is more raised than the concept was. It really feels like he’s offering something, or bringing something forth, so to speak. Nice pose! Stellar work on the sculpt. Cloth looks amazing…really love the anatomy on the arms and the nasty skeksi-like hand. The red could have been turned down a ‘tune’ imo in the main shot, but it’s all good! Great job man! now it’s time to relax.


congrats on completion! this is my preference for what a “god” should come across as. something more of the unknown, less robotic, and mysteriously creepy. i enjoy the bold red… it helps seperates the image from all the great rendered entries and keeps this one more focused on the idea/design. very inspiring :bounce:


It turned out great, brother. I was really happy when I saw this.

(sorry for the late reply, I was on vacation when you submitted, and when I came back, I procrastinated :stuck_out_tongue: )

This is a serious contender, I wish you best of luck for the public voting.



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