Dominance War V - 3D - Cass83-God of Sound


Keep it up I love it.


Looks great! Looking forward on seing some texturing work.

<Dominance War V - 3D Character Entry>


I like your silhouette, I want to see the end.


I like your silhouette and modeling, I want to see the end.


Gaboon: Thanks glad you like.
ZenArc: Thanks for the comment.
aglot89: OMFGG thanks dude! lol best comment:)
Feronius: Ha, thanks man yeah I appreciate the suggestion. Regarding the sheet music I decided to go a more suggestive route and made some subtle spirals and such.
PavelSokov: Thanks dude I appreciate the comment. Regarding the head design I don’t think our heads look to similar but yours is still pretty sick;)
rattlesnake: Thanks man, I’m going to paint it up tomorrow… night I guess. Won’t be too serious cause of time but I’ll try.
mokhron: Thanks for the kind words I hope other people share your view!Thanks for the
timothyadowns: Thank you I’m tryin:0
[mad-one]:Thanks! I’m going to texture it tomorrow/Friday:(
blackneko: Awesome thanks!

PS: I’ll show the wings in a better pose when I do the “final renders.” Also, I will attempt to do the low/uvs/bakes/textures tomorrow and Friday.:frowning: Thanks for looking!


Thats really cool, i love your model and the style of this concept… very good sculpting skill… good job


Right on dude! It’s looking sweet.


I can’t wait for the final render, its boss


hellz yea! i’m really liking the wings espcecially the hard edging, i like the chipped off bits a lot. You handled the drapery really nicely, i think that was def the best choice. Hurry and bust out that game mesh!:buttrock:


KingstonZ: Thanks a lot dude!
Metatron001: Thanks Metatrizzy!:slight_smile:
PavelSokov: Thanks here are a few more shots. I’m working on the low poly right now.
GnarART: Thanks so much man! Yeah that “chipping stuff” is really fun all planar brush. BTW I’m starting the game res now hope I can work fast…

Here are a few more shots more to come soon I hope. Thanks for looking and go CG!


That’s looking great!

I am a big fan of the helmet design. I also like the angular spiral design that you use throughout the design.

Keep rocking on that game mesh! :buttrock:


Wings are lookin sick man! I like how you executed that twisting of the dress from the rib cage. Looks cool!


yeah looking awesome so far, u have to print this one, imagine having this sculpture in your desk, u can airbrush it !!..keep on the good work!


Very moody renders! i like 'em! now let’s see that game mesh:)


looks super cool man, nice model.


Beneto: Thanks Brutha! Glad you likey:)

Metatron001: Thanks a lot man… I re-did that area a bunch a times trying to get the right feel. I’ts suposed to be kinda suggestive of strings.

rattlesnake: Oh fo sho thank would be so sick! Thanks for the comment.

GnarART: Thanks here you go bud… more to come.

bluwolf: Thanks!

OK so, I got the low res and bakes done. Model is 12,498 tris, shown here with Normal and AO. Working on textures atm …bout to crack a redbull…time is slipping away.Thanks for looking everyone!


w00t! that’s awesome. The game mesh looks slick. Projections turned out really good.

Combined with the camera angle from the first screenshot, he really has the presence that a god like this needs.



Nice job on the low res and bakes…GO GO GO GO!!


Beneto: Thanks a lot bro…Well here is another low angle shot with some color. more to come.
Metatron001: Thanks Ian I’m going…

So, I did a rough color pass still more to do. Shown here with color, norm, ao only.(I still have to make spec maps) More to come and do thanks for looking.


Yea! looking sick, really epic and godly looking. liking the gradient on the texture. Bakes came out great.

Finish it up!:buttrock: