Dominance War V - 3D - Cass83-God of Sound


Pretty damn concept, for sure one of the best for the cgtalk team!


I really like this design!


arokz: Thanks for the comment dude. Glad your inspired that’s nice of you to say. Good luck to you too!

KielFiggins: Thanks and more you shall see:) Also, no story behind the finger count however there is a story behind the string count on the harp wings. I don’t want to give too much away yet but it has something to do with "String Theory " and the 11 dimensions of hyperspace.

stefanobernardi: Sweet thanks for that!

Gaboon: Glad you like!

So, I finally started sculpting and got some more things blocked in. I’ll be grinding on the sculpt this weekend. Much more to come and thanks for looking.


Looking forward to seeing this progress. Very interesting and unique design.


Looking Great thus far dude! looking forward to seeing the progress!


Good job, I really like this one!!


I dig this design, reminds me of pyramid head a bit. One thing I can’t help but notice is how overpowering the wings are… To me the focal point of the design is what he’s doing with the strings, the strings are more important than the wings and their thickness is distracting from that. I see something like thinner, elongated wings with more sets of strings, layered possibly or just longer. Possibly an extra set of arms or an extra amount of fingers, like 20. It’s probably too late in the game to mention any of this I guess.

Either way man, it’s a good piece.


man do I love those harps. I am eager to see those sculpted.

The melting candles are a pretty sweet touch.

Keep those updates coming! :buttrock:


It’s really unique concept.I like it.


I feel a big update coming :slight_smile: Cant wait!


wow. That concept is really really great. It slightly reminds me of that Angel of Death from Hellboy II…
not that it looks too similar, its just…equally great. =D

Keep it up!


Nethermind: Thanks you too!
Metatron001: Thanks bro here’s a little progress.
MatoH: Thanks!
Labotomizer: Thanks, I’ve been P-heads biggest fan since 2001. Appreciate the suggestions.
Beneto: Thanks, well I started sculpting them just for you buddy:)
Jae-Keum: Thanks for commenting.
arokz: ha, sorry to disappoint but here is a smallish update. Thanks for commenting.
Mesophras: Thunks, this is the best compliment ever! If only it were true:)

Here is another sculpting update… still a lot to do. The partially sculpted wings are not in the final position I’m just sculpting them this way. The bottom screenshot gives a slightly better idea of the final wing orientation. Also I’m not sure about the keys on the strings yet, might be better with just crystals. Thanks for looking!!!


Really love the style of this one and a great silhouette! Keep it going :slight_smile:


woh… haha i am falling in love with it already haha


woh… haha i am falling in love with it already haha


OMFGG!!! dude yours is by far my favorite im sorry to everyone else but FCUK im srsly in love with this bro, i really cannot wait to see it finished.


Yeah, a very unique approach, brilliant.

I do hope you’re going to put in a few more musical hints in the details later (when the sculpting is further complete), like music notes going along the fabric / sash? (You know, as in sheet music, but not overly present ofcourse… subtle and embroided?)
Keep it up, this entry is like music to my ehm… eyes.


Hey, you commented on my God of Nullity and offered a PO!

So I am checking out your piece. It is solid, allthough I am kinda nervous that mine and your’s head design remind of each other.

It is allright though, I love the way it works with your design and those wings are genius. Can’t wait to see more of him!


really nice idea and sculpting so far!!..want to see it painted already…haha keep on :buttrock:


This is just overwhelmingly awesome … so beautiful! Definitly my favorite so far!