Dominance War V - 3D - Cass83-God of Sound


Here are some ideas for the" God of Harmonic Keys", or possibly “God of the 22 Harmonic Keys”. This god uses ancient sound/vibrations to alter all life. More to come.


[left]Here are a few different takes on the same theme. Not really sure if I have a favorite so far. Anyone liking one in particular? Thanks for looking! [/left]


Wings as harps, very clever! Looking forward to seeing more.


fantastic! this really stands out amongst all of the entries i’ve seen so far across the forums.
i tend to prefer the body of no1 and the wings of no3. proportions are awesome already, very godlike.
i think that the stringed wings is something to keep as it gives him an instant “sound of god” look.
the head(s) could be developed further to make them more interesting, which i guess you’re already working on… looking forward to see your progress.


looks sweet dude
finding an original god is hard to find with also keeping in context of the god theme
and you have done just that
keep the ball rolling
peace out


This is a gorgeous concept, I can’t wait to see it come together :slight_smile:


This looks pretty cool, love head design and wings!


I love the design, i like the wings especially the third design.


I really hope you finish. I really like your designs.


The design is really interesting! Can’t wait to see some 3D


My man!

Nice designs! The idea with the harps as wings is awesome.

Knowing your style, I know that whichever you chose will end up totally badass.

(I don’t have any preferences at this point.)

This got me excited, now keep em coming!


Cool idea, maybe putting little droplets or something on the strings would make for a neat effect, kinda like the crystals in this picture :

Looking forward to more. I’m liking concept #2. :slight_smile:


Very nice Love the Harps and the helms


i rekon 3rd one for sure bro, really stands out, looks beautiful, cant wait to see the finished model. EDIT: 1st one with the 3rd’s wings :wink:


number 1’s body with number 3’s wings! really superb idea man, definitely one of the most original designs so far! keep it coming!


KielFiggins: Thanks, the Harp wings were the first idea that I had that I liked.

Fellah: Wow thanks, really appreciate your comment:) I will defiantly keep the stringed harp wings.I think I agree with you on body of 1 wings of 3.Yes, I want to make the helms really interesting.If I get more time I’ll do a page of helm variations.

Viera: Thanks! Finding something that seemed original thematically and design wise was really important to me.

Tahry: Thanks mee too!

Dodgeas3d: Thank You!

X-fade: Thanks, that seems to be the one most people are liking wing wise.

h-edition: Yeah I really hope I finish too! Recently work has gotten pretty busy for me, making a bunch of crazy creatures and stuff.
But comments like these defiantly help motivate me to keep going and I thank you for that.

Zykras: Thanks for the comment, I’ll start on the 3D soon although I may do a few more helm variations first.

Beneto:Hey buddy!!! Really glad I have the approval:) It’s so cool were on the same team again but this time were making GODS instead of …wardrobe:(

Pixel-chick: Thanks that’s an awesome idea. I actually came across that image when I google searched “harp wings” but never put 2 and 2 together.Thank you for doing that for me. Having some type of crystals or small artifacts on the strings would defiantly add something and call more attention to the wings design.(Maybe that’s why Vicky’s Secrets did it)

Blacklion: Thank You!

Aglot89: Cool thanks for the comment. I’ll try out 1 with 3’s wings seems to be the majority winner. I think it should work out…

dmightyone: Yes, I’m going to try this combo out. Hopefully I’ll get some time this weekend I’ll post the results. Thanks for commenting, I’m flattered that you think it’s
original. My friends and I thought your boss entry was pretty damn original! (I’ll have to check out Dwar entry looks like your not reppin CG).


wardrobe and human proportions are so “last gen” :slight_smile: but yea man, great variatons. i still like #3 base but they are all pretty cool. i would love to fight this boss in an epic RPG! very inspirational. at the turn of the tide, look to the east.


Hey guys it’s been a while but I’m back at it now. I’m not very far along at the moment just base mesh stuff… But, I hope to sculpt the hell out of him this week cause I think I’ll finally get some free time:)

Anyways, I combined elements of all 3 versions for the"final concept" based off every ones comments. Thanks again everybody especially pixel chick with the harp crystals :slight_smile:

Sculpting coming soon thanks for looking. Go CG!


Hey KCassidy,

I remember you from a presentation you gave in our school. Your work rockz man! Lovely progress in this piece and cant wait to see more from you. You are a big inspiration to me.

Best of luck to you!



Looking sharp, can’t wait to see more.

Is there a story around the finger count? Just noticed he has 3 fingers and thumb.