Dominance War V - 3D - Cabugi - God of Alcohol and Chemistry


This is the first dominance war I’m throwing down in. I hope to make CGtalk proud.

The concept is this is an old god of alcohol who has taken the natural progression and been updated to the current century. Basically without alcohol there would be no chemistry or modern science. Thats what this god represents sweet god LETS DO THIS.

(Update 5/30/2011)

Final image submitted, wish me luck!


So, in a way, it’s the god of drunken science? :wink:


lol yeah pretty much


GREAT theme for a God.


Ha ha, well you know what they say: “The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not ‘Eureka!’ but 'That’s funny…'”


So I got some awesome reference for this.

Those really crazy crystal structures are booze under a microscope. I’m still not sure what to do for gender since this could go either way. Prolly can make some really pretty dresses with those microscopic alcohol structures. If you guys are inclined to check out more of those here is a link:

Also thanks for the encouragement I hope this thing turn out as awesome as I hope it to be.


First group of silhouettes are up. Hooray gotta pound my face into this harder. I may want to take an oath that whenever I work on this there shall be a beer on my desk. ONWARD TO VICTORY!


Hahaha, brilliant approach.
Nice ehm… workflow you have there. May it flow richly, I mean-… the work ofcourse.


I like this god. Needs bra hats though. If nobody gets that reference then I feel old.


hey man, swet god. I like a god you can chill with after a long day of work :wink:

i like thumb 3. I like the idea of a big and burley guy that could drink a town under the table. and he’s so badass that he’s a walking brewery!


I’m going to do 3 Concepts before I decide on what will actually be viable in dominance war. From the sills I’m going with #1, One of the hulking walking breweries, and the guy in the hazmat suit at the end.

Big jolly guy with alchemical mixtures and beer!

You guys are awesome and yes my workflow is amazing. I’m not dead yet we’ll see in a month and a half.

Awright so in the concept phase I realize I need to do alot of drinkin err thinking. So here is the tally of the art fuel I’ve burned through so far on this project.

Booze tally

750 ml Cinnamon Whiskey
750 ml Kraken Dark Rum
750 ml Sailor Jerrys Dark rum
3 guiness
3 rum and cokes
1 pint of gin and tonic
2 pints rum and coke
1 pint screwdriver
6 Misc beers
6 Bud lights
4 Bacardi Sangrias
1 cup of malibu rum and punch

Bombs and Boiler Makers
2 Jaeger Bombs
1 Irish Carbomb

1 tuaca
1 seagrams
1 Superman
1 shot peach schnapps



Finally out of concept ohgod

Long story short a huge amount of stuff happened in the past couple weeks so I didn’t have a chance to update. I think I can still make the deadline if I bust my ass over the next couple weeks.

First image is the second god concept. Cool but not godly enough.

Third god concept. Too un-human not sure what I was thinking about iron man with an underbite.

First draft of the basemesh totally sweet, went to zbrush made some zspheres and things brought it to blender fixed up the weird ass topology and then hurled it back to zbrush.

60 pounds and 4 hours of staring at naked fat people later I’m here. I think I’ve got at least 4-8 more hours of staring at fat people till I am happy.

So yeah my concept is now taking all the elements I like from the second one and slapping it on to my first concept in some kind of frankenstein jolly fat dude with a brewery READY TO PARTY!

Booze tally addendum:
2 four loko’s
6 sips of chelada
9 corona’s
15 PBR’s
2 Flaming Dr Peppers
2 Marge Bombs
2 Jaeger Bombs
5 drinks involving ouzo I don’t remember
3 drinks involving raki


Heres a still,

And here is a timelapse

I still have a ton of work to do. Gotta finish accessories, retopo, uv unwrap, detail, texture map, pose. I think I can I think I can.


New Video Time

Serious issues with the retopo unfortunately however fixed it with a large amount of brute force.

Here is a link to the updated time lapse. Wooo doubled in length! I’ll post some stills once something visibly changes. Hopefully that will be texture mapping tomorrow.

If you’ve already watched the other timelapse skip to about halfway in hopefully within the next few days I’ll have a final version of the timelapse and a final submission for The God of Alcohol!

also timelapse clearly shows progression right?



Every step of the way there is a ray of hope which is quickly dashed by the dark gods. I’ll hopefully get everything done before the hard deadline.

go me!


Yep still working, might make the deadline holy god.


Alright hopefully the gods smile upon me, I’ve submitted my final image.


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