Dominance War V - 3D - bluwolf - God of Martial Art - Ultimate


Hi, this is my first dominance war…I’m also starting pretty late but just going to try anyways!

I did'nt spend too much time on sketching as have to rush, just threw onto paper what came to mind. 
Also startd a Zsketch to rough out basic anatomy and base for model.

Will add details as I go along....


Guess im gonna have to hurry up with sculpting…hope I’m heading in the right direction.


More work in progress…


More sculpting… It’d be nice to get some crits, or any suggestions maybe? Thanks.


Getting kinda nervous now…more wip.


finally placing everything together in maya, and getting ready for texture and fine details. also finishing up hair and added hands.
The hair is pretty much done now…time for texturing.


Man, you’re really fast, doing a Dominance War in one week :smiley: ! It’s great that you try it anyway and it even looks good. Probably you won’t be able to do enough detailing to really make a rank, but you still can be really proud of your entry.

It’s the taking part that counts!!


hey man thanx, yeah I’m just glad to take part since I missed out last year and decided to give a try this time round :slight_smile: Am gonna see how far I can get.


it’s so small…

my DWV-2D God of Shield

Good luck my friend~!


Man, im so behind, ran into some technical issues but back on track…guess im gonna aim for round tuesday or even wednesday, hope it will still be ok. Im just aiming to finish and be happy with my character, was fun :smiley:


And still trying to finish textures :slight_smile: I hope to make it for late tuesday -early wednesday.


Its been a rush but its been fun, and I have learned more than I have done with this challenge. I hope to do much better next time round…
Finally finished and much at later than I thought.


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