Dominance War V -3D- Blackneko -God of Time


Hi, guys,
Sorry for joining so late. I’ll try my best on this contest.
My god is the god of Time.



Rejected concepts




transform in sphere
This it is the challenge!


oh, sweet concept! keep going! Hopefully they’ll push the deadline out for us :slight_smile:


[left]Thank you for your comment pixel-chick!!
start wip modeling



that god of yours pretty cute !and that’s Boolean i assume ? pity Maya can’t use this tool right, which software u use ?


Thanks Harlequin! I’m using 3Dmax
I like your sketches, I want to see the end.


I continue modeling …
Gears and Forearm


low poly hand


First WIP of Smoke, in zbrush


Interesting! You finish on time?



wip Pieces in zbrush and base of color to see the generic tone


wip Gears arms


Oh, my god!


pretty sweet idea man! love to see an animation of the transformation.

Keep it up!


A gear piece.
Don’t know yet which to choose!!


Cool design! Keep it going. Looking forward to see more. :slight_smile:

<Dominance War V - 3D Character Entry>


Doing the adornment over the sphere,wip
Later to do the retopology of the sphere with the adornment.


More alphas , improved Silhouette

My selected one is … “B”