Dominance War V - 3D - Beneto - God of Torment


Crazy amount of detail!.. and the normal map looking really good. want to see the textures… great model.


GnarART: Glad you like the demon head. Thanks again for the useful critique on the original design of that particular piece.

Metatron001: “Let the boy watch”. Textures on their way!

nufftalon: Thank you very much! I am hard at work on those textures and shaders. Hopefully, it will turn out good.

Jae-Keum: Thanks, I am glad you like these. I am looking forward to see the end result too :arteest:

KingstonZ: Thanks! textures on their way.

Here is an update of my ZTool. I wanted to take more shots, but it seems my computer can’t handle full renders of the thing without crashing; Wasted a lot of time just to get one BRP render out. Anyway, here it is. Let me know what you think

Thanks again for looking.


holy shit this looks so awesome Bernard! Bakes turned out great and wonderful sculpt/presentation with that last shot of the ztl. 80 mil huh, yeah it sucks working on files that big… But my friend that’s what you get for making so many details and now you can’t render it.:slight_smile: Can’t wait to see more awesomeness.



good luck~!


that is awesome! great render, very intidimating vibe hes got going on. Can’t wait to see some texture…


wow man!! this sculpture is sweet!!, really love it !!, and seems that your AO and normals turned out really nice, looking forward fo more :arteest::arteest::arteest::arteest:


Looking badass! lol nice camera angle…perhaps adding a nice bluish hue might add to the drama… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


wowie wow… this is just nasssty. love the updates! looks like youve been having some fun sculpting away! CG society is repping hard…


KCassidy: Yep, that’ll teach me! hehe. Hope you will like this update too

tianxinyu: Thank you!

GnarART: Glad you like his vibe, that was an important part of the design for me.

rattlesnake: Thanks a bunch. I got some updates below.

Metatron001: hahaha, yes. You have to read that image from bottom - up.

TimNicholson: Thanks man. Had a lot of fun sculpting, yes. It was hard to stop and jump unto the next step.

Here is a new update. This is a WIP of the textures and shaders. It is close to being complete, but I still want to balance the specular between the different areas of the mesh. Also want to adjust the colors a little bit in order to bring a bit more green-yellow to fight with the reds. It is a color palette that is in some way disturbing and fits with the "Torment"part of the design, I think. (Maybe I’ll do this through the lighting though)

I also need to adjust the overall brightness/contrast. Please let me know if the images are too dark (or not) on some of your monitors.

Oh, and also pose the guy. And take screenshots. And prepare presentation images. And not sleep…

Thanks again for watching and commenting.


Turned out very cool :thumbsup: I wold use more contrast colors though.


Looks damn nasty!! i love the green values everywhere.


Wow looks wondeful great job with the materials/textures. This would make a great toy/3-d print. BTW I hear ya on that pose, render, present not sleep thing… That’s my plan too.:frowning: Good luck I know you can do it


now that is an epic piece! love his skin! so many reads at every level its awesome. No critiques here…

Looking forward to the final shot:bowdown:


Wow, amazing work! The textures look fabulous. So wonderfully creepy :).


nice going man!! think you should be submitting final images soon right!? gogogogo:bounce::bounce::bounce:


Thank you all for the replies.

Velkin: Good call. I increased the intensity of the red a bit. I just had to be careful not to go too saturated or it would take away from the main focal points I had in mind.

Metatron001: Thanks man!

KCassidy: Glad you like all this. That would be swell to have it sitting on my desk.

GnarART: Thanks "stevie"hehe. The end result is below :slight_smile:

Midost: Glad you like it! and glad to hear from you again

rattlesnake: Submitted! :wink:

Alright, my entry is in. It has been a loooooong ride. Here are the submitted images:

Make sure to check the big version!

Main Final Image (Larger version here)

Presentation shot (Larger image here)

Construction shot (Larger image here)

Concept sheet (Larger version here)

Texture sheet (Larger version here)

Thanks for looking!


YEA BABY! awesome work my friend, it was quite a feat.:thumbsup:

I’d say more but i gotta finish my mine:)!

ps. go to sleep now:)


Awesome job dude!


I had this “I know who’s the winner” face right from the moment I saw your concept. Great work, man!


Great work. I love it.