Dominance War V - 3D - Beneto - God of Torment


Well it looks like the real fun is about to begin, nice block-in. Can’t wait to see you pull this off, it’ll be quite an achievement.:applause:

Keep it up!


awesome stuff dude
really original concept
keep it going !
peace out


Incredible!!! Nice “block-in” dude. Super pro modeling here now let’s see the sculpt already.:wink:


Wow !! just one word " Magnificent " , your concept Idea are interesting and most attractive , keep update can’t wait to see him colorize : D



Jae-Keum: [font=Arial]고마워요
GnarART: The fun has begun, yes. I am having a great time sculpting this dude.

Vieira505: Thanks a bunch!

KCassidy: Thanks, glad you like it so far :)

nicedream: Thank you, I am eager to start texturing it. The value and color contrasts I have in mind should be interesting. (I hope)

Here is a little update to keep my thread alive. It is work in progress on the ZBrush sculpt. I have to pace myself and do a relatively quick first pass on everything before refining too much, since I have so many elements to sculpt.

(Larger image. Click here)



Nice update brutha! Really liking the forms and surface treatment of everything so far. Those boobs are pretty hot love all the skin folds and turbulence in that region. Defiantly one of fav pieces in the comp.

As a side note, what do those hands in between his crotch do? lol don’t answer that.


Beautiful piece, great modeling. Will come back for more greatness :slight_smile:



Really beautiful sculpt and detail. Great job!


KCassidy: Thanks man, I appreciate your comments. (You know exactly what those hands are doing hehehe)

arokz: Thank you. I will update as often as possible.

Gaboon: Thanks!

Here is an update of the concept. I worked the painting in parallel with my sculpt , so that it is ready when comes time to texturing.

Let me know what you think!

( I will post an update of my ZTool end of day tomorrow.)

(right-click > ‘View Image’ to see full size)


Great concept and sculpting. nice progress


Awesome design- awesome texture/paint- awesome background- awesome font.



Nice color treatment! I dig the story element you tossed in there. looking forward to seeing the finished product!


this is awesome just awesome…after you sculpt this in zbrush, are you going to retopologize or you’re just going to export some displacement or normal maps?


Nice job with coloring your concept Beneto but where is the ztool update you speak of??? Eager to see your progress on this epic piece bro, I’m sure it’s amazing.


Hello everyone,

first of all, I will apologize for the lack of updates in the last couple of weeks. Things have been a bit insane, but I am still at it.

Jae-Keum: Thanks!

arokz: Thanks, glad you like it.

Metatron001: Thanks my friend, I am looking forward to be done with it.

MissOptimist: I did a full retopology. My ZBrush mesh had over 50 subtools, and I could not use any of this for my game mesh, due to the complex nature of the design.

KCassidy: Thanks man. ZTool screen will have to wait a bit; I am having a bit of stability issue with the ZRenders. My character is at 80 million polys or so. So BPR is sh*tting bricks. Anyway, nothing that can’t be solved, it’s just that I didn’t take the time to do that just yet.

Here are 2 screenshots of my game mesh inside of Marmoset. The mesh is at 12490 tris. I still want to reshuffle some tris around, trying to smooth out the silhouette where needed, ect…

This is only showing the Normal map and AO. There are more than a few oddities to fix in the AO, but please keep in mind this is a very early stage. Still got a lot of work to do.I started working on the Diffuse tonight; this will help separate the design elements and make things clearer once colors are applied.

Let me know what you think! Thanks for looking, it is much appreciated.


Aaah, and why not a close-up. I don’t intend to show the model that close for my final shots, but here it is anyway.

Full size image here


Whoowee! that is looking amazing! great looking renders to, really diggin that dragon head, uber sicklicle.

Now texture that mofo!:cool:


Nice man! That’s a two for one special at the farmers market :slight_smile: …Let’s see some textures, woo!


simply amazing great work hope the texturing is on point just as much as your modeling skills are if so your in for a strong finish!!


Amazing work ~A.O map and normal map were baked really well. can’t wait to see final~