Dominance War V - 3D - Beneto - God of Torment


[color=Red](Updated with submitted Main Image and Presentation shot)[/color]

Here's my concept for this event.
 God of Torment, riding his Chariot of Tormented Souls.
 This chariot is the frame of an ancient demon's carcass, enslaved by the God of Torment and holds captive a shell of countless human souls. Some trying unsuccessfully to escape the agonizing pain inflicted by their captor. And some, abdicated to His will, mindlessly carry the chariot wherever ordered.
 I didn't create any thumbnails for this one since I had a pretty clear idea in my head of what I wanted. I did a ton of sketch studies for shapes and design patterns though. I will upload those when I have a chance to scan my sketchbook.
 Let me know what you think! Thanks for looking.

Main Final Image (Larger version here)

Presentation shot (Larger version here)


Here are some closeups of the concepts.

(right-click > ‘View Image’ to see full size)


Damn dude … this is amazing ^^
Now I’m really motivated to make a better concept


I like it, seems H.R.Giger inspired :cool:


Impressive, seems to be ripped out of DOOM. Very cool drawing, I’m looking forward to seeing the Game-Model. :smiley:


Absolutely amazing! I love the design of the chariot with all the arms and legs. I can’t wait to see the 3D version :smiley:


This is a really gorgeous concept. The detail is incredible. So many hands!! Can’t wait to see more (:


awesome design! very clean, really enjoying the story as well. I’d like to see you play around a bit more with the dragon head part of the throne.

Great stuff!


Yes my friend go forth!
Incredible concept, great design, really well done anatomy, oh and the line works not too shabby either. If anyone can make something like this work in a low poly game version it’s probably you.:wink: Knowing the attention to detail, sheer artistry and care you put into your sculpts this one should be a masterpiece.

“This chariot is the frame of an ancient demon’s carcass” Tha’t’s SO cool!!!

PS: I have to disagree with this looking “ripped out of DOOM.” Knowing Beneto,
I think the shapes and overall visual language is unique to him. Possibly H.R.Giger inspired but isn’t everyone one the planet inspired by Giger to some extent?:slight_smile: IMO Doom certainly was.


reminds me of one of Nirasawa’s characters, cool.


Yes!! Giger is a source of undying inspiration and so I totally love this character! My point in making was that the feel is quite dark and surrealistic. looking forward!! Cheers.


Thanks to all for taking a look at my thread and taking the time to post. It is much appreciated.

I made some progress over the last few days and will post some WIP screenshots soon. Nothing fancy yet, but I’ll try to update as much as I can.

Zykras: Thanks. From what I saw in your thread, your concepts are definitely improving.

audin: In terms of pattern repetition, yes. But I took good care of using different shape language and themes. Hopefully it will have a style of it’s own once completed.

kogen: Thanks. I am a big fan of the Doom’s artwork. I haven’t look at their work to create this one though. My main source of inspiration is my life size skeleton staring down at me in my office. Great shapes on that thing.

idiotcat: Thank you. I am looking forward to see the 3D version as well. Should be an interesting challenge considering the time limit.

Tahry: Thanks!

GnarART: Duly noted. I will try different iterations of the head when I start sculpting and post those here so you can let me know what you think.

KCassidy: Thanks for the kind words brother. I’ll certainly need all the support possible to keep motivated and get this thing done on time.

Intervain: I was not aware of that artist. Thanks for pointing him out. I had a great time looking at his art :slight_smile:


Here is a little update. I am currently creating all the base meshes. I also keep working on my concept in parallel to this.


Beneto, I see you did decide to enter. Great to have you! The concept looks amazing, and the model is coming along. Exciting stuff :).


looking good brosef! my only crit is that on the chair, id bring the “pit” of the eye a bit more towards the front of the brow? sort of looks a big long, or that the pupil of that creature would sit more towards the front than you have it, where it appears that it would sit near the back, giving it a sort of “long eye” look. other than that… tits.


yea dude!, the idea and execution of this god is amazing! fav part is the head piece on the chair. i bet youre having a great time sculpting this one!

would be super sweet to have something like this printed!


Thanks again for all the replies. I am hard at work on that thing, but posting an update at this point would be irrelevant. Surely later this week though.

MiDost: Yep! I decided to join in anyway. That’s Vince’s fault :wink: Glad to see you are doing it too.

MarcoNelor: Thanks man, much appreciated feedback. You are totally right about the eye socket. I will adjust the design of that area during the sculpting process.

TimNicholson: Thanks a bunch! I totally am having a great time sculpting this, yes. It’s a sh*t load of work though.


Beneto Your concept is amazing, great amount of details there… the model looks great .


KingstonZ: Thanks for posting, I appreciate the comments.

Here is an update. All of my pieces are ready to be sculpted in ZBrush. The limbs and heads are placeholders for now. I still have to decide how many arms/ legs will be in there. Those are sucking a lot of triangles…

Time flies… More updates soon, stay tuned!


fantastic modeling~good job