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Hi everyone,

this is my first CG challenge and I am looking forward to it and the experience I’ll get from it.
I am not an experiance character artist so i hope I’ll finish everything in time.
good luck everyone.

Here is the concept


Hy there! Yea, you should finish your character, looks nice.

Good luck in tha challenge!


Here is the basemesh that I have been working on till last week. I’m still wondering if I should give thickness to the clothes.

By aralfirin at 2011-03-29


Looks nice!

Going well Aralfirin!


Hi, I finished my first pass of sculpting and now I’ll start to refine things a bit. I will also try to get some sculped patern on the armor or something.


Hi everyone,

This is what I have so far. There is still work to do in the face and on the clothing and then finer details. C and C are welcome and I would particularly like comments on the clothes since I haven’t done much of those before.

Thanks and keep on the great work.

full size


So it,s been a long time since my last update. I had to learn Xnormal after seeing that zbrush wasn’t exporting what I wanted. I’m also wondering where to put the ambiant occlusion map, for now it is in my diffuse map but i’m not sure of where it should be.

Here is the update and thanks for looking.


Nice work Sebastien. I’m pretty new to this stuff too and I’m concerned that I’m going to run into the same questions when I finally get to making maps. Good luck.


Thanks Tony, I think that if it works than it’s not important if there is a better way to do it. I think that I’m doing pretty good. I need to test a bit more with the lighting and to finish the pedestral and than a bit of cleanup. C&C are always welcome. Thanks for looking.


I think I’m pretty much finished, unless someone points something or I think of something before monday this will be it. Good luck everyone :thumbsup:


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