Dominance War V - 3D - Anders Ehrenborg - God of Earth


last update

hey everyone, couldn’t resist this one.

keeping it short, this is a god from the center of earth, coming up to punish us for the way we’ve treated his earth for so long.

some important characterisitcs.
[ul]faces similar to the “scream” from Edvard Munch, embedded into his body[/ul]
[ul]his mouth is the opening to another universe, with stars inside… [/ul]
[ul]veins of lave running down to the center of earth, which is his source of power. (might change this and have his source of power be the logo. or a mix…)[/ul]


another shitty draw

in my head i see this guy being a huge monster with butterfly/peacock/macro insect attributes… wings, tentacles etc…


Rofl ,

I sadly looked for a familiar face in the list of thread before submitting the thread …

Now the fun can begin :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice skeches already

Have great DW Fellah :bounce:


I can’t wait to see it animated… :eek:


oh yeah i support that!! Ill be watching you!!! :buttrock: :buttrock:


thank you friends, glad to see familiar faces around here :slight_smile:

this is nothing i will continue… i just felt a need to contrast all the realistic gods popping up everywhere :slight_smile:


Hei dude, be careful, in the DW rules says :
" Create a powerful GOD that shall defeat all other gods and determine the future of the universe forever more!! Your God must symbolize one exceptional trait - God of War, God of Machines, God of Peace, Demonic God of Chaos, God of Torment, God of Love, God of Mercy, God of Swords, etc. The design and style of your GOD can be made in any fashion, except cartoons"


haha, you’re right - it’s too serious :wink:

i like the first sketch and how he is coming out of the planet. looks like he is sucking the power of the universe dry. i would go with this direction and work more on the design.

second one looks more like a variation of slimer, a bit crazy, a bit goofy :slight_smile:


thanks for pointing it out. i just did the cartoon pic for fun, nothing i will continue.

hahah slimer :smiley: never saw that connection, but yes… you are right :slight_smile: thanks for your comment and help choosing direction.

just trying to rough out something i’m ok with with in terms of proportions and overall feeling… not sure about it yet…


Right now it just seems like your God is just in a liquid form. I think it’d be awesome if you could implement some continents of lands, maybe houses and etc? These small details will definitely up the scale of your character!


hey there, looks very interesting! Digiegg ideas sounds good, :beer: :beer:


Very interesting man! I’m really impressed how the design transfered into 3d. Nicely done.

Of all the entries I’ve seen so far, this is definitely showcasing the ‘scale’ of a deity.

Keep it up, looking forward to future updates.


OMG! dude this is awesome! i love the pose and the character! looking really good, i will be watching this one. Goodluck the rest of the way!


hahah cool man! crazy ass idea, i like it.


Jag tänkte väl att jag skulle hitta dig här.
Very nice start! I love the design, he really comes off as a powerful being. Looks like it’s still in the concept process though so no critique yet.
Ha det bra sålänge


Gahahaha ! cute and yet scary and powerful, yours starting to become interesting piece, ill wait for more update


thanks for your comments! glad you’re liking it already. still lots to do though.

yep you’re right. i need to show the scale of him in a better way. adding in continents of land to the earth is a great idea and probably a must.
houses might become to small as i want him to be quite huge. but maybe that’s reason enough to make him somewhat smaller in size. thanks !

tja du som hatar mig! :slight_smile: glad to see you found your way here. i guess you won’t have time to join? would have been fun with another familiar face in
this challenge. but i understand if your free time is occupied by your other projects!


Hehe, hatet ökade när jag såg din fina karaktär!
I’m actually competing in this competition but I’m on another forum, GA. Using the same handle though.
Good luck!


guess who gave up once more…


guess who didn’t join.

guess who still spanks to smurfette.

guess who this is :arteest: