Dominance War V - 3D - Ambrosius - God of Vengeance


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The character is Ambrosius God of Vengeance. His hammer belonged to the forge god he killed in revenge for the loss of his lover. He suffered a mortal wound to the chest and had to replace his heart with ambrosia, which protrudes from his chest and has given him godlike powers. He has lost his humanity and become literally a heartless god of vengeance, a simple tool of the greater gods. Although the ambrosia has given him godhood, without his heart he’s forgotten his promise to seek out his love in death’s domain and bring her back.

I want to use symbolism of circle knots (symbolizing the life/death/rebirth cycel) and the gryphon tattoo (on the back for a shirtless design, symbolizing revenge) and have the crystaline ambrosia protruding from the chest and sticking out along the vein lines and also repeat in the hammer.


Looks good! But you will probably also need some godlike abilites in order to finish him in the one week that is left :slight_smile: . Wish you best luck!


Thanks. I know voting starts in a week but considering when I’m starting I was aiming to model in week one (by May 16) and paint in week two (by May 23).

Here’s the final turns. There are my original proportions and wider proportions that I kind of like that were made by a happy accident with my scanner. I think I might also like the wider proportions because it feels like the stance is wider. Opinions would be welcome.

Either way I finally get to start modeling.


more stuff

mid zbrush. still have to do hands, hair, face, shoulder, gauntlet, fix legs, face etc.




more renders…brush brush…and listening to Prelude 12 21. Used the base zbrush head and edited it from there.


Well doesn’t look like I’ll make it after all. Right now I’m finishing up Topo and unwrapping with Roadkill (first time using Roadkill and wow…). Here’s renders of the shoulder strap and hammer objects I added and the crystal embedded in the chest and under the skin as well as the model after Topo…


I’m continuing work on this for portfolio. Here’s the most recent images. I decided to go back and polypaint the zbrush model since I wasn’t happy with the way photoshop painting felt disconnected from the model. I haven’t done much poly painting before but I’m kinda excited about how it’s turning out so far.

I need to add a lot more blending between hair and scalp, face painting, etc. but it’s getting closer.


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