Dominance War V - 3D - alannalolz - God of Retribution


This is my first Dominance war, but all critique welcome!
My idea is the God of Retribution in the form of an evil kitten (this is not a joke concept) who promises destruction to the world after treating him like an outcast his whole life…up until now…

-backstory will be updated later on.

posting pics asap!


sketches for 1st concept:

i realised only after i finished the head that it looks like chesire cat sooo i might change it/ might not so yeaaa

feedback appreciated


First concept

-front on

sketched in Alchemy
comp’d in Photoshop CS5

let us know thoughts :slight_smile:



started modelling head today, blocking out the shape…

only 400 tris at the moment



a bit more persian cat looking now

next update will be the body :slight_smile:


lmaooo this is such a awsome character, i love it soo much, revenge of the Kittens :stuck_out_tongue:



started to sculpt in 3dcoat instead of maya

still trying to perfect the ears before moving onto the body


Very nice start there alanna. For the mouth i would take the same approach that you did with the eyes, maybe. sculpt/model the upper and lower teeth as seperate objects (or in the case of 3d coat, separate layers). This method may come in handy for posing the character with different expressions on the mouth when your finished. I dunno, its just what i would do - i may be over complicating things again.

Other than that, it is shaping up very good. Keep up the good work!


hey boys and girls!
had a bit of time off but now back on track, so here’s an update!

(default shaders to show where features start and stop…not final textures!!)

also retopologized head and created teeth and eye(s) seperate as suggested :wink:



29/4 UPDATE:

he’s got a body!

and a metal blazer ;D

still in basic stages!


finally done! congrats to all who got in on time for Dominance War! hooray!

Alannalolz over and out


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