Dominance War V - 3D - Adam Ball - God of the Solar System


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    I just started today
      This is what I have so far. Its very early days, and the design may change alot. I will post the sketches one I get onto a scanner.


Heres an update


My concept wasnt really working out in 3d so I decided to go a bit nuts.


[color=white]ahahah? very good concept! i like it[/color]


Very cool design man, diggin it. Love how the scale is shaping up. My only suggestion would be making a less human face and going even more turtle/dragon (wider or smaller eyes, further apart, perhaps on even on the sides of the head).

Other than that, excited to see more.


Thanks for the Comments and advice Kiel.

I have taken it on board and it looks good I recon. Im having fun with this guy, I still have a long way to go though.

Here is another update.

Fll size pic HERE


This is a superb concept! I like it ALOT. Keep up the good work and keep updates coming, friend!


WOW ! how could you even think something like that ?!


Thanks for the positive feedback guys.

I am having heaps of fun with this guy, hopefully I get lots of spare time to work on him.


who needs sleep anyway?

Large image HERE

Large image HERE


I just finished another session. In this one I worked the details for the shell, stomach and face.

What do all of you pros out there think, Is it going in the right direction?

Full size HERE

Full size HERE


:cry:ittssss sooo gooodd

thats amazing man, cant wait till im at yur level :), cant wait to see it FINISHEDD!:beer:


So thats 1 yes :slight_smile:

Thanks for the compliment, you will get there soon. I cant wait until I catch up to some of the other guys on this forum :slight_smile:


Great idea, reminds me on Utwe from Kungfu Panda, an old, wise, calm turtle. Very cool design.


You guys are such an inspiration … I really love the design and his expression - I’m a god, lulz.


nice concept and sculpt dude …:wink:

my Dominance War V entry


class work. I do not know at all like a man similar charactersbut you have a turtle. But here I am, too, decided not to make a man. While in the process


Retopo time! Yippee!

Ive done the retopo but there is still a lot to go over and tweak


like your exotic approach - very cool. i would invest some extra time in his body language and mimic. right now he has an expression of a stoned one that makes him look very innocuous and a bit foolish :slight_smile:


Ok sweet. Do you think its best to pose now? I was going to do a simple rig in maya for the pose and facial expression. If it is best to do the posing in the sculpting program then maybe I should. Its just that it may be harder to texture because I wont be able to use symmetry if its posed. (Using 3d coat)