Dominance War V - 2D - ZzMeister - Goddess of Swords


Hi guys,
The subject that i’ll be doing is the Goddess of Swords. A babe who plays with blades.
Will add more details as i continue to brainstorm . Good luck to everyone.


Ok finally got something up, trying out different looks

Thinking of adding a persona for the goddess or maybe an animal sidekick. Better think faster :slight_smile:


hey man, nice to see you join the comp
why so small image? :stuck_out_tongue:
anyway, number 1 have the coolest pose, but i’ll wait til u upload a bigger res.



Good Luck with the challenge man.
Bring on those blades and the curves ! :smiley:


1,2 and 5 look cool with my personal favorite being 2 because of the general pose, weapons and rogue-ish like look.


I love your sketching style, it’s pretty unique. I would say that #3 and #4 look the most interesting to me, especially with the floating swords. I do like #2 but it looks a bit generic, and #5 too symmetrical with the circles in back. :slight_smile:


Hi guys thanks for the support and suggestions
Threedsquid - i made the images bigger now hope its better to see my messy strokes… lol
redCigerette , Darkonerster , pixel-chick- thanks for the support will try more poses for the final piece.

ok, finally was able to finish up 2 more concepts during the weekend, will try more poses soon.
The first one is a combination of the armour from (1) and the legs of (2) with the collar piece from (4)
The second piece is a reworked version of (2) with the idea of blades in a circle from (5)
I guess my final piece will be a mix of these two designs and refinement as the poses come along.
… and yah i think i need to polish my anatomy again. :frowning:


Cool sketches and concepts. Like a lot your last design with a huge sword but maybe the other pose is more dynamic :slight_smile:

Good look and waiting for more updates. Cheers!!


Hello everyone, sorry for the late reply as i have been tied up with work and stuff.
Ferx - thanks for the support, good luck on the challenge too

I have been trying out some poses and using the ideas from the concepts earlier on. So now the right arm of the goddess is fused into the huge sword.

I had problem going into the fine details of the image, luckily a friend of mine suggested that i lower the opacity and use finer brush strokes. Less mess less stress… :slight_smile:

this is another version with the head looking the other way

will be looking at references for the armours and stuff as well as swords.
The legs are making the goddess too human… maybe will replace them.
Hope to make more progress soon. Good luck everyone. :slight_smile:


I really like this idea of fusing weaponry.

Is the weapon it self solid? and the area around the goddess more like galetin? water? bathe in light?

cant wait to see more!

keep going bro!


Hey! Great to see you here, cool concept, i like the last one you post, more god feeling, good luck on the challenge!!



Thanks for the support everyone :slight_smile:

PuiArt - glad you like the idea, the sword will be metal but some parts may still be forming up from the hand of the goddess (at least that’s the idea for now). Those areas around the goddess are meant to be filled with other kinds of swords, its just to remind me in case i forget.

Hi Kingston, great to see your comment too. Saw your submission for the PreDW and it looks cool man, great use of zbrush. Catch up sometime soon. Thanks for the support. :slight_smile:

I have been playing with the head position for awhile to get a nice feel for the whole picture. Will still be playing around with it, but will nail down soon and start on the front, side , back views.

Also did some research on swords and did some concepts based on the references. Will try some funky looking ones the next time.

Thats it for now, good luck everyone :slight_smile:


Really liking the pose man…Great going! :thumbsup:


Nice starting, I like the idea.
Go ahead.


the last one at the bottom looks badass


Yo Ishan, thanks for the comment, will work a bit faster and make it in time… i hope :slight_smile:
davidramonilustracion, yigit - thanks for the support, glad you guys like the work.

Have been looking at polishing the pose and thinking of the background. Was lucky to have some friends take a look at my work and get suggestions.

So here is a block out of the background, i am thinking of swords lying around and slowly getting absorbed by the goddess.

The feet of the goddess have been adjusted, i did not like the head gear and i am still thinking the gestrue of the left hand.

Gonna do more over the weekend. :slight_smile:


I like the idea, but isn’t she going to carry any sword?


Hi lepilo, glad you like the idea. Maybe the sword forming up at the background is not clear. I’ll work on it, thanks for the comment.

Over the weekend i decided to take away the helmet the goddess was wearing and add a bit of details on the face. i also changed the position of the left hand so she is now holding part of the blouse.

i went and designed the big sword that will be fused from her right arm.

but i realised a mistake and that is the back of the sword will be formed up slowly (meaning i do not need that much detail there) and also the logo will be blocked by the goddess’s head.
i added some value in this one too.

will look at where i can put the logo and also revise the sword design as well as how the right arm forms the sword. gonna work faster… and smarter :frowning:


good job! i love the big sword as a big silhouette on her back and i like the overall feelings also, cant wait to see the next update!


Very nice, can’t wait to see more.

Nice greets.