Dominance War V - 2D - xy.tian - God of skyshield


this is my first…
i don’t know what to say
Give me some support

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thank you very much !


Doom has come to future world, humanity to build Babel - 2. From human rude to god caused fear and anger down. The gods to destroy life again disaster. Human unwilling be destroyed, using technology and ancient gods gene made ‘Skyshield’.


the Pictures become compressed
details invisible

it’s really disappointed

Process maps and instructions in finishing

Immediately upload…

I need your support and help


Its so coool…all i wanna say is Niubi!


other pictures later upload


Wow, it’s amazing, i don’t know what to say except it’s one of the best entry that i saw until now.
To bad there isn’t some “Work in progress” pic.
Anyway Good Work ! :applause:


Inspiration from the transformers

I was finishing process diagram

It is a mess

I need some time to sort out it

So, please support me


Nice work! I love the head aspecialy the mouth it reminds me of evangelion actually rather then transformers. Anyway if you could post some wip, I’m really interested.
Good luck!


excellent work!
The colours match the atmosphere very well,and the detail depiction produced a good sense,especially The Expression of the water.
but which attract me most is the black-and-white one,just coz my personal taste :stuck_out_tongue:


and i don’t know who you are…
R U April?


thank you very much!


big fish…


very nice !very beautiful.
it’s so cool.i like the color.the “man” looks so strong.perfect!


you are …

sorry,i don’t know who u r…


i have looked other pics, some is … just so so,and there’s some looks great, also !but in my mind you are the best!good luck~
PS:i really very like the color ,it’s so beautiful! best wishes for you!


Your concept is very cool! nice colour and effect~jiayou gemener!:smiley:


zhen shi gan jue qin qie a!


i love your concept
you are very good~!


i love your art!




i can see all of words

thank you!