Dominance War V - 2D - soulspline - God/Goddess of Love


still brewing up the concept on my head watch out for further post!!!


playing with some ideas-hope to get more soon


studying some color variants


this could turn out very interesting!


I really like your first image! The second seems a little busy?
I love how intricate some of the little spines around her are… Am definitely intrigued as to where this is going…
Good luck! :slight_smile:


hihih i hope so


MUCH of thanx :slight_smile:


I think it’ll turn out great, but I’d like to see it more fleshed out before saying anything.


Nice start. Like your initial sketch, looks like a god made by pure energy, really cool :slight_smile:
Good luck and waiting for updates. Cheers!! :beer:


thanx for the support :slight_smile: i needed those :slight_smile:


yeap will update soon thanx for the support :slight_smile:


studying the concept sketch…dunno why i places some swords… though it looked nice :slight_smile:

hmmm need to make more ideas…

any suggestions for inspirations?



The colors are really lovely !


much thanx :slight_smile:


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