Dominance War V - 2D - Sk8erWolf - God of Unknown


I start with this idea, in general i prefer the evil force instead the good, but not monsters not chaos, not destroyers
i like the shadow, but is too obvious, allways we can see shadow characters, i want more than shadow, so i will try to do one kind of character that is powerful not by the strenght or only the hidden to the eyes, but also to the mind, the unknown i think is a powerful power, and is not evil and not good, right, a little bit evil yes but not too much :slight_smile:
here a little pack of thumbnails to start

and a little start of workflow sheet, just the thumbs with some reference

i like the second, i think i’ll try to develop it
I think my kind of god must be solemn and wise, is a little bit like a monk, but is much more like a ninja, because he is not a god of light, have a little bit of dark side, he don’t give the knowledge, he leave it, he leave all your sureness, can be invisible like a shadow in the darkness but also if you can see him you cannot understand what to do, how to fight, how to escape, you don’t know if he is good or evil, and when you see him you don’t know who you are, you feel empty and you can’t understand if you want to leave or want to die
he use three mask to hide not his face, he don’t care to be recognized, hide emotions, is a cold character, when he hit from the shadow, your mind and your heart can’t hear and can’t feel any presence


I like the idea about the unknow, but honestly I dont understand too much lol, but I really like your fourth thumbnail starting from left to right. You know what I was thinking when I was reading your thread, I though about having your god having some kind of foggy-ish head, you know like some kind of soul, with a hole where the head is suppose to be between the shoulder (like the evil guy in harry potter before he has a physical body). That would really add a fearish look to it and also this unknow part because you have no idea what youre fighting against :stuck_out_tongue: Dig it up, I like it, cant wait to see more! Good luck


Hi Sk8er Wolf,

from your initial thumbs I would personally pick the 4th tall guy in first row (2nd to right) and the two other figures on left bottom row.

The last concept looks nice, however I would second PhilippeCV here, as a foggy/misty head would look much more unknown.The current body looks like a mixture between a man and woman that leveled up their monk class and set their head alight during some wild adventure :p. I like the robe and overall aim to work around the topic of unknown. Maybe having all body parts blurry-ish and looking into particles and abstract fractals to fill the body volume could do the work. Otherwise nice work, I like the flame-like head!

Keep up the good work!


yes, you are right, i thought also to the smoke, but or like an aura or above the head instead the flame, and i thought to do the skin black but transparent because is like a shadow, you must think to a shadow god, but much more
i chosen the second because the fourth was too much evil and too much like in armor, i want a character dress light, must be solemn and wise, because he is a god, he know, have the knowledge but don’t give it to the humans, and must be skilled like a thief (but in a drawing i don’t know how to show it :slight_smile: ) i want he be hide and silent, allways in the shadows

i think sometimes i can have a good draw, but i’m not sure of my digital painting technique, you can see it in my blog trough my artwork, i can give color, but i have a little problem destroying my draw to have a paint, i can’t destroy the line
i search the realism but i cannot go beyond one level of it, if i don’t understand some triks to go forward
i hope only to do something good


Try merging several of both your thumbnails and recent sketches and produce several new variations. Maybe then you will get a combination that you might like.


Very interesting choice by the way I think is very good so far, I most see more to precisely comment on your work. Keep it up my friend. :smiley:


your sketches are very good, i like the transparency in them, I’m really liking #3 (I like his arms), #4, and #5 (I like how his arms are longer than his body, it makes a neat silhouette)

It may be easier to just make your drawing in black and white, then add color over the top of it because if your values look good then your colors will more likely than not look good. If the values don’t work to begin with, the color won’t work, something will look off. Then you can start building your confidence with painting in color directly, though some artists work solely in black and white and color afterward. Just something I learned from a Don Seegmiller class here :slight_smile:


Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Hey Daniele,

Cool sketches and designs. Like your concept. Perhaps you can add a some sort of cloak device to remain hidden in the unknown… only an idea :slight_smile: Again, nice work and waiting for more updates. Cheers!!


here a little upgrade


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