Dominance War V - 2D - NightLynx - Fallen God of Corruption


Hi everybody!
It’s my 1st DW and I’m pretty excited! :bounce:

The God I came up with is the Fallen God of Corruption. The idea is to represent this god as a manipulative force on the world. Here’s the first sketch:

I still have to think about the whole composition, but I like how the god is coming out and the (kinda cliche) idea of manipulating strings to represent the manipulative power over the humans. (by the way, the fingers are meant to look like they’re broken)

But I’m open to any critics and suggestions. Feel free to bring’em!


Hey Diego,

Nice sketch and concept. Perhaps , like you say, the idea of strings is a bit cliché. Mybe you can try things that rise the human ambition like gold ( in form of coins), jewelry, power, etc… only silly ideas :smiley:

Good luck and waitingt for more updates. Cheers!! :beer:


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