Dominance War V - 2D - Gaeasherald - Elder God of Despair


Cool, DW once again! It’ll be so much fun to see some great artwork in the making once more. Best of luck everyone and let rock this thing!


Ok, so it’s Gods this time, awesome!
My checklist for Godliness for the moment is:

i. has to be of enormous scale, dwarfing the mere mortals
ii. has to hover over things rather than using limbs as a means of locomotion (if you’re a God you can afford to use limbs for other purposes, right?)
iii. has to have an aura of awe (aka glowing thingies around it) and striking visual impact to inspire fear/reverence/submission/etc)
iv. has to mix anthropomorphic traits with animal/mechanic/demonic/elemental/etc characteristics (just cause I like so).

With that in mind, I’m thinking of a hovering armless biomechanical torso, with some mutilated bunch of arms/claws coming out of its pelvis, with floating ruins orbiting it, and a glowing rune (CGS logo) beneath it. Does that sound crazy enough?

For now I’ve been testing my workflow and trying to get the creative juices flowing, by imitating the great HR Giger. This is what I ended up with:

It’s a bit too heavily referenced from Giger’s “Li I”, but it’s served me to realize 2 things:
a. Gotta use an 80% traditional media (pencil+paper) and 20% digital approach
b. Biomechanical creatures kick ass.

More scketches comming soon. C&C most welcomed!


Really interesting proyect my friend :).

Maybe the horns would be skeletons and the face something more evil hehehe.
Suerte mi amigo hablamos


Wow this looks amazing. I really like the details. Keep up the excellent work!


Hey Gerardo! Great to see you joining DW5 =). As a huge Giger fan and what you listed, this sounds like this will be awesome! Looking forward to watching this one


Thank you guys for the warm comments! Much appreciatted!
For the head of this guy, I’m thinking of adding built-in foetal incubators on each side, as if its mind were feeding off its own offspring. Think that could work?

Alekzsander: aguanten los sudacas!

Darkonerster: thx a lot man :wink:

GregStrangis: Hey, thx for dropping by old friend! Are you joining the battle this time?


I haven’t seen you in Years :open_mouth: haha, yea I’ll think I might sign in.



Hey guys, lots of cool stuff already going on, so exciting!
I’ve been a bit busy at work, so I’ve only got a crappy half done linework :frowning:
Hopefully this weekend I’ll have some time to properly shade it, but in the meantime this is all I’ve got:

Marley: Dude, yeah it’s been so long! So nice of you to comment. You should definetly join, think this is the right challenge for U.


Whoa, got some crazy detail going on already, I really like the organic feel to it so far!


Nice sketches, like the headgear especially. Good luck!


Hey Gerardo,

Cool concept for sure. Like the idea of a biomechanical god and the surrealistic approach on your designs. Good luck and waiting for more updates. Cheers!! :beer:


Hola GERE!
Remember me? I sure remember you. I just wanted to drop by and say hi. I took your advice and after the last DW I started studding and practicing like crazy. I’ve basically been working as a concept artist since then and its really been great. So just wanted to thank you for all your support back when I was just getting started.
I really hope everything is really going good for you. BIG HUG my friend! :beer:


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