Dominance War V - 2D - ersinerturk - God of Vengeance


Last update: May 23

     Hey everyone! Participating 2nd time (didn't finish at the first one), I'm hoping to make it this time.
       I'm not sure that any better concept hits my head later but probably I'll stick with this one just not to waste time for the concept (cause I'm here to beat myself B) ), I just want to finish a work for this challenge. 
       My god's name is God of Vengeance. I think I'll go with the human form. Well, some background.. He is a punished, tortured god with open wounds that always bleed. He is immortal of course, but he feels all the pain etc. And I'll built on this. 
       Soo, first sketch:
       I'll check all your entries right after my concept is complete. I don't want to confuse myself with your great concepts :)
       Well, good luck to all!


Cool design, but I do think you could push it a bit further!
Waiting for updates! :slight_smile:


Well I must say nice chose of god, but you need to push it little bit more, because right now it looks more like warrior than god. You now what nice idea would be if you add like a dozen swords stuck on his back, it is just idea. Ok, keep it up !


Hey Ersin,

Nice cocncept and sketch. Agree with others about to push the idea. Perhaps you need to put a more traitor look and cold attitude, mnor vengeful look :slight_smile: Only a comment

Good luck and waiting for updates. Cheers!!


Thanks for the suggestions! I’m planning to do what you mentioned. Lots of weapons (arrows, swords, spears etc) stuck in his body. Also I’ll add chains around his body, maybe tattoos or tattoo-like scars (or wounds).

another rough sketch and face-expression detail:


very cool approaches so far ersinerturk. Love to see how this char develops.

A quick reference group to keep the creative drive runnin’ is to revisit through the previous comp. constantly to see what makes the insanity of the past-champions so off the chart. That should give you a idea of how unlimited and free things can be. let that imagination pony run wild! ^_-

keep whoppin’ bro!



@PuiArt: Thanks Pui! It would be great to add more extraordinary elements to the concept but I feel it wouldn’t make sense. Well, he has to be partially naked to show wounds and bleeding. He has to have a face to show the rage expression. And he has to be able to move quickly to react. Other than that I can improve him on these. Things just came to my mind are, 4 or 6 arms (one missing again), 3 heads (with three different expressions as raged, betrayed, and weary), more armor etc. I must say I’m not happy with the human form either but I’ll try to push the limits of this concept. Thanks again!


Still trying to clarify the character and features. I think my God of Vengeance could be the fallen God of Justice before he was betrayed and tortured. Everything he had about justice got corrupted. So he’s using the two pieces of the scales(right word?) of justice as weapons. Maybe a ripped or burned book of justice somewhere? Also I’ll keep some previous features (chains; swords and arrows stuck on his back, bleeding wounds).

Not complete but here’s what I’ve got so far:


Update. I’ll start coloring next.


also, detail.


wow looks very good, no I mean its looks awesome I love that the chains are all over him. Keep it coming.


Thanks! Working on lights and darks. Probably his gonna be a dark skinned (means vengeance) god wearing a white armor (means justice).


Started working on my ‘final’ image. I’m slightly changing the armor design as I go into details.

(click to see in full)


Nice start, I quite like his armour and his accessories. Must say I do like the pose in #5 best, like he’s shouting down at the little people. Maybe you could incorporate that pose into your current image, to add dynamism.


Thanks! I agree that it needs more dynamism. I think this one’s better.

(click to see it in full size)


Nice pose and the perspective really makes him look huge.


Thanks very much!

little update: (click for full-size)


I like your drawings and design,Although very painful, but it looks cool!
Nice work,keep it going:thumbsup:


Cool updates. Like the perspective and mood in your image and the armor looks really great. Waiting for more updates! :slight_smile:


Thanks masterkey and ferx! I’m glad you liked it.

Added face and some little details.

head detail: