Dominance War V - 2D - CheeFai - God of Life


Hello everybody, this is my first time to participate in Dominance War, my concept is to design the “God of Life”, here is some sketches that i done, still in brainstorming progress.
Hope you guys will like it.


Latest update:


That is looking cool, I love the idea of the horse legs on the fish torso.


Thank you, I will try to add more details on the character.
Hopefully can be done before the deadline, because i started a bit late. :hmm:


good start! i like the color you use here! is a big challenge to combine the front part body with the dragon tail, cant wait to see the next step! good luck!

my DMV entry


Today’s progress
i have no idea where should i place the team’s logo


So nice image concept and coloring. Don’t worry about the logo, there is always a place for it. May be in a rock at the bottom?


great style! :slight_smile: maybe you can put the logo as tattoo on his shoulder?
anyway good job!


I just completed my character’s front, side and back view, now moving on to the final drawing stage. I will keep updating my working progress, hope you guys will like it~:)


Today’s progress


Beautiful, love the colors and how clean your work is. Will be looking out for your next post :slight_smile:


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