Dominance War V - 2D - Baron Impossible - God of Hmmmm


No idea what I’m going to do yet, so here are a load of thumbs to make it look like I do. Good luck everyone!


i like the mood on second one. good luck.


The first and second are great!

The top right thumbnail has a character with a pyramid head. I believe I reserved that move a week ago :stuck_out_tongue:


Very, very nice emotions in all of them.I especially liked the 1st and the tenth thumbnails.They have some kind of superior posture.If you want me to just point one of them, then just the 1st one.
Curious to see the progress of whichever you choose.


My eyes are drawn to 8 and 10. I particularly like 10. Unique shape, lots of interesting angles and really nice contrasting darks and lights.

Looks like a pretty epic behemoth…I also like the rocky blobs. It looks like the surrounding landscape is just crumbling away in some sort of anti gravity wake/aura.


Great to see you’re joining Simon :slight_smile:
As usual, even your sketches are outstnading. I particulary like the feeling of the 2nd one.
Keep’em coming mate!


I most say that they all looks great I just can’t point out which I like, but maybe 2,4 and 7 they are awesome. Keep it up fellow artist. :arteest:


Hello everyone, great input - thanks. Sorry they aren’t numbered, I put numbers on and then I must have overwritten the file or something because there are no numbers there now! Anyhow, I’ll do a sketch or two later, focusing on Nos. 1, 10 and maybe 6, and think about how size can be portrayed such as in my Wyeth-like No. 2. And I’ll have to come up with a theme, too. Difficult, when there are so many options, I’m used to being given a specific brief and this one is very open.


Simon, awesome to see you joining!
I think #10 looks cool,…#2 looks like you spent more time on it,…I like #1 with unusual things happening, mysterious, looking very original!

Most have awesome action happening, good luck man!


Thanks, jsn, good to see you here too!

Anyway, just doodling, I’ll get some proper sketches done later. This one’s the god of confinement, hence all the bondage gear (forgot his gimp mask, though)


Nice lighting, I like it.
Keep on.


Cheers, David!

Don’t know who this guy is, god of asymmetry maybe…


I like the 4 and 9 feel
Nice thumbs !


I really like that God of Confinement, at first I thought the way he was holding the chain made him look like he was more about punishment, like he’s going whip you with that thing lol, but now I see him more as a jailor-type. I like :smiley:


I really like the first thumb and the last image (God of Asymmetry), just love the head design. Glad you have joined up, look forward to more posts.


Hey Simon,

Cool to see you in this challenge and really great thumbnails with nice composition and atmosphere. I like specially the second thumbnail for a “benefactor type” god (I think that the the blue tones that you used put a more paceful note in the concept … :D).
The last 2 sketches are great too, like a lot the contrast and the backlighting on them. Perhaps the last one need a bit more “air” above, only a comment :slight_smile:

The best of luck and waiting for more updates. Cheers my friend !!! :beer:


wow - impressive colour thumbs! great sense for colour and composition. would be cool to see all of them in a more fleshed out version :wink:
god of confinement looks great. i can imagine how he searches for bad souls and keep them burning forever deep inside him.
the asymatric god looks more like a monster for me…


Cheers for all the feedback, guys, and good to see so many familiar faces! Good luck to you all

Here’s another doodle, this time the god of devourment…


Don’t know who this guy is


Going with the ‘god of confinement’ idea. Quick sketch first of the concept, then I’ll think about the sketches later.